Iran: Several Earthquake Victims in Kermanshah Died Due to Frostbite

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Sarina lost her life because of cold and lack of housing for earthquake victims in Kermanshah region

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NCRI - The freezing cold in Kermanshah took the life of several residents of this earthquake-stricken province in Iran. The reason for the loss of these people is the ignoring and inattention of the Iranian regime officials to the catastrophic situation of the earthquake victims. The lives of a number other people in this area are also at risk.

President Hassan Rouhani and a number of other regime officials in the aftermath of the November 12 earthquake in Kermanshah had promised the residents of the earthquake-stricken areas to provide them with residential units to settle down in the province before the start of the winter, or at least provide them with Conex for temporary settlement; promises that still remain to be fulfilled 75 days after the earthquake.


The state-run ISNA news agency quoting Shahab Naderi, a member of the regime’s parliament, reported that several other residents of the quake-stricken areas in Kermanshah died in the freezing cold. Naderi, however, did not provide further information or any specific statistics on the number of people who lost their lives in the province due to frostbite.

A few days ago a report was published indicating that at least 4 residents died in the freezing cold in the province.

The life status of the earthquake victims is reported to be very dire and catastrophic. According to confession of the regime officials, thousands of people in the area do not have adequate shelter in the freezing cold 75 days after the earthquake.

In some areas, the number of people who spend nights in the tents is more than those who have been accommodated in the Conex. The tents provided for earthquake victims cannot protect people from cold, storms and rain. Another member of the regime’s parliament said three days ago that some of these tents were damaged by wind and rain.

According to Farhad Tajari, the regime’s MP, only in Sarpol Zahab, about 60 tents were flooded. More than 5,000 residential units in the city have been damaged by the earthquake while only 700 Conex have been installed in this area. In addition, thousands of earthquake-stricken families are still living in inappropriate tents. The same adverse conditions have caused a number of earthquake victims to die from frostbite. And this threat still threatens the lives of other earthquake-stricken people in this province.

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