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Iran Regime’s Intimidating and Oppressive Measures Will Add To Society’s Restiveness

Footages from Iran on Wednesday show the regime’s police humiliating youths on the street. Under the pretext of fighting crime and thugs, this inhumane measure is another desperate attempt to intimidate the public. 

The regime calls defiant youths “thugs” to tarnish their image, while the youths continue targeting the regime’s repressive centers. Therefore, the regime justifies its oppressive measures against defiant youths.   

The real “thugs,” who killed 1500 peaceful protesters during the major Iran protests in November, are officially protected and wear uniforms of either the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) or police. Also, organized gangs affiliated with the regime freely circulate in cities with knives and terrorize the public and extort money from people. All the while, the mullahs’ regime arrests, amputates hands or executes those poor people who are forced to steal to make ends meet. 

In a parallel development, the regime’s security officials recently announced they had formed local hit squads. These squads, Razaviyoun patrols, and other rapid reaction groups operate across Iran to oppress people and somehow control the restive society. 

On Sunday, the state-run Tasnim news agency quoted IRGC Brigadier General, Mohammad Motahari, as saying: “In Kerman province, 40 security battalions have been formed to deal with disturbances and establish urban security.” 

Similarly, on Friday, Yousef Tabatabai, Isfahan’s Friday prayers leader and supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s representative, threatened women and called for more oppressive measures. “We should make the society unsafe for the few (mal-veiling women) and not allow them to break the norms on the streets and parks easily… The SSF should be given more authority in dealing with those breaking the law and the norms. We should not be afraid of any hostile action in dealing with the violators,” he said during a meeting with the head of the regime’s State Security Force (SSF) in Isfahan, central Iran. 

Abolghasem Yaghoubi, the Friday prayers leader and Khamenei’s representative in North Khorasan, northeast Iran, said: “Law enforcement forces must make the lives of rioters who have evil intentions unsafe… Mal-veiling or the refusal to wear a veil acts like a virus in society, and we must confront those who do that. In addition to the engagement of the SSF and the judiciary in combatting mal veiling, people must also get involved and enjoin good and forbid evil.” 

Why Mullahs’ regime tries to intimidate the public 

The Iranian regime recently executed Navid Afkari, Iran’s national hero, arrested during the nationwide Iran protests in 2018. The regime’s intention in carrying out this execution was intimidating the public. But the regime failed due to the enormous international and domestic reactions and condemnation of this brutal execution. 

Now, the mullahs try to intimidate the restive Iranian society through threats and inhumane actions like humiliating youths in public. This policy to intimidate the public has been planned by Khamenei, who once saw his regime on the brink of collapse during the November uprising and ordered the IRGC “to do whatever it takes” to prevent the regime’s downfall. But in this regard, the mullahs have also failed. For example, people’s reactions to Tabatabai’s threats against women, as Khamenei’s representative in Isfahan, forced Tabatabai to back down. 

In this regard, the state-run Mostaghel on Tuesday wrote: “When the insecurity becomes institutionalized in the society, it will potentially disrupt the society, socially, politically and economically.” 

Mostaghel described Tabatabai’s remarks as “thoughts of insecurity.” “The situation will be much worse if the thoughts of society’s insecurity are from an institution that has the facilities, situations, and forces to theorize and use violence and thus create insecurity in society,” read the article. 

“Now, why should the Friday prayers leader want society to become insecure? People see that various aspects of their lives, including jobs, capital, mind, psyche, savings, food on their table, etc., are under the pressure of insecurity. This insecurity is due to corruption, inflation, economic instability, and mismanagement in a state of insecurity, and no fundamental action has been taken. Thus, society is safe for a minority,” the article continues. “Then, the Friday prayer leader, willingly or unwillingly, closes his eyes to all the insecurity that has put the country on the edge of collapse. And he wants the society to become insecure for the [so-called] mal-veiled [women]? How many people in society are not properly veiled, which has occupied your minds, gentlemen, while all the other crises in the country have no value for you? The problem of this society is not having few mal-veiled women. The problem is those [officials] with power and wealth, moving under the cover of the veil of incompetence and mismanagement and [who are] not afraid of [the regime’s] insecurity.”the article concluded.  

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