Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Threatened Iranian regime confiscates firecrackers ahead of Fire Festival

fire-festival-200The Iranian regime’s security forces have arrested a number of people in western Iran and confiscated hundreds of thousands of firecrackers over the fear that people will use the event to stage protests against the regime.

The Fire Festival or Chaharchanbeh Souri – which dates back to the 7th Century – will be held on March 18, the last Tuesday of the Iranian year. Iranians traditionally celebrate the Fire Festival by lighting bonfires and jumping through the flames.

The commander of Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (Police) in city of Bookan declared that 500,000 fire crackers have been confiscated and one person has been arrested.

In the western province of Kurdistan tens of thousands firecrackers have been found by State Security Forces and a number of people have been arrested.

In the city of Ardebil, in north west Iran, 65 thousands firecracker has been confiscated by the forces and three have been arrested.

Iranians have traditionally used the festival to air their grievances against the mullahs regime.

In recent years, security forces have been cracking down on celebration up to two months before it begins by banning firecrackers, sparklers, rockets and even home-made grenades.