Iran's State Media Reveal: Actual Facts and News on Quake Not Published

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NCRI - A state-run media admitted that government officials and media do not inform the public about the facts and actual news on the situation of Sunday’s earthquake in Iran’s western provinces and its victims.

The state-run Jame’eh Farda (Tomorrow’s Community) media noted the secrecy of the Iranian regime in announcing the statistics and real news about the earthquake on Sunday night in the country, which killed hundreds and injured thousands, and wrote: “We hide the outrage of nature in the same way as we distort public opinion about our political failures.”

Iran: No Supervision Over Shabby Housing Project Which Caused Most Deaths in the Recent Quake

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NCRI - One day after Ishaq Jahangiri, the first vice president of the Iranian regime, said most victims of the recent earthquake belong to the Mehr residence, the head of the regime's engineering system organization announced that the organization had “no oversight” over the construction of the Mehr housing project.

According to the state-run Fars news agency affiliated to IRGC, the head of the organization, Hassan Gurbankhani, said: “The engineering system organization had no supervision over the construction of the Mehr housing units, and no monitoring engineer has been introduced by the organization for the housing units.”

Iranian Regime Abandons People After Devastating Earthquake

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NCRI - Hundreds of people were killed by the earthquake that struck Iran and Iraq earlier this week. It was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan and eclipsed the deadly earthquake that hit Mexico in September.

One small village called Quik Hasan was particularly affected by the earthquake with over 50 deaths alone. The small farming village is home to just 170 households and the surviving inhabitants have had to survive outside in the cold since the earthquake struck.

Iran's Devastating Earthquake Sparks Criticism of Regime's Response

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NCRI - Recently, severe, random earthquakes have occurred across the globe. On Sunday evening a 7.3 Richter quake hit the Iran-Iraq border. Iran’s official IRNA news agency reports that at a minimum, 530 people were killed and more than 8,000 injured. Tens of thousands of homes and apartments were leveled.

However, casualty statistics may be well beyond those reported by the media, according to Farhad Tajari, a member of Iran’s parliament from Ghasr Shireen, a town in western Iran that suffered enormous damage.

Iran's Suicide Rate on the Rise

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NCRI - A brief look at suicide statistics reflected in Iranian regime’s media and the comments made by state officials on the causes of suicide in recent months, especially among women and youth, reveals that the scourge is turning into a national disaster and a real crisis.

Self-immolation and attempting suicide by women, men, and youth overwhelmed by poverty, oppression, discrimination, and inequality, and pushed to express their protest about the current conditions in the most tragic and painful way.

Iran: Price of a Drug Has Increased 900 %

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NCRI - The drug "Sinopar", which in 2016 was purchased by the patients with insurance coverage for 60 thousand Toman, has now risen to more than 600 thousand Toman.

The state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force on Friday November 9, and in a factional feud against Hassan Rouhani's government, wrote: “For several weeks, the price of Sinopar (tripartite hormone - the generic name of the drug), which is involved in severe fractures and osteoporosis, and especially applied in the spine injury, has increased to more than 600 thousand Toman.

Iran Regime's Inattention to Safety Measures, at Least 14 Dead and 18 Injured in Road Accident

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NCRI - November 5, 2017. state media is reporting that at least 14 people have died in a road accident after a bus fell into a valley near the capital Tehran.

 The head of the country's emergency medical services, Pirhossein Koulivand, was quoted saying that the accident took place in the Savadkouh area as the bus was on the road from Tehran to Gonbad-e Kavus, some 500 kilometers (310 miles) northeast of Tehran.

Iran's Explosive Domestic Situation

National Council of Resistance of Iran, October 2017

The Iranian regime is going through one of the most turbulent phases of its 38-year rule. While the world is more focused on its illicit nuclear weapons program and the malign activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and its proxies in the region, a nationwide movement against the regime is gaining momentum at home.

In recent months, there have been 20-25 acts of anti-regime protest on average each day across Iran. Many of these protests begin by addressing people’s basic livelihoods but soon turn political with the chanting of anti-regime slogans.

Tsunami of Corruption and Plunder Under the Iran Regime

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NCRI - While people from different social strata hold protests and strikes on a daily basis, demanding return of their money stolen by the financial institutions linked to the Revolutionary Guards and other state entities, and yet receive no response but lie, humiliation, and oppression, new aspects of the institutionalized corruption keep popping up amid the clashes between regime’s rival bands.

In the latest confessions of this kind, regime’s MP ‘Nader Ghazipour’ points to the case related to Hamid Baghaei, former vice-president during Ahmadinejad’s presidency, saying “300 billion tomans of public wealth entrusted to Khane-Iranian has been defalcated.”

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