Iran: Here, Schools Are Heated With Firewood

NCRI Staff

NCRI - Poverty rages in the southwest of Iran. In some areas, students study in outdoor schools and extreme cold which is even painful to imagine.

Schools are heated by burning firewood, and teachers are burning the firewood in the classrooms to fight the cold, although they are aware of its dangers, but they have no other choice to escape the cold.

Iran: The Crisis of Water Scarcity

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NCRI - Sirkan is the easternmost city of Iran with 3 thousand residents. Since 2001, this city has faced the shortage of water, as the authorities are not competent enough to adopt measures. The people only demand the water supply through tankers for 2 hours so that they can stay alive.

On October 8, 2017, state run Mehr News reported that the people of Sirkan could use water tankers for 1 hour within 3 to 4 days. If they arrive late at the water tankers, there would be not much water left to use.

Iran Regime's Judiciary Threatens Workers to Prison If Guild Activities Continue

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NCRI - Reports from Khuzestan Province (southwestern Iran) indicate that seven workers of the ‘Haft Tapeh’ Sugar Cane Company have been threatened in court that they would be sentenced to prison if they continue their trade union and guild activities. In the past two weeks, the workers have been summoned to the police twice and introduced to the court.

Iran: A Report on the Burial Ceremony of an Imprisoned Labor Activist

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NCRI - On Friday morning, October 6, funeral ceremony of the political prisoner and labor activist Mohammad Jarrahi was held in Tabriz with the presence of family members and a number of civil and labor activists.

Extremely Poor Conditions for Porters Who Are Targeted by Iran Regime Agents

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NCRI - The porters in Iran face very high risks for a very low pay. Smuggling is a risky business as it is, but those smuggling trade in Iran are at particularly high risk and there have already been hundreds of deaths.

These “human mules” carry extraordinary loads of goods on their back across the border in the West of the country.

Iran Regime Interior Minister: Unemployment Rate in Some Cities Reaches 60%

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NCRI - Acknowledging the impact of unemployment on increasing social harm, Iranian regime's Interior Minister said: despite the unemployment rate of 12 percent in Iran, unemployment in some Iranian cities reaches 60 percent.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Sunday, October 1, in an interview with state-run ISNA news agency, that social harm is “more acute” in areas where unemployment is high. He did not mention the cities where the unemployment rate reaches more than 60 percent.

Iran: %40 of Unemployed in Iran Have a University Degree

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NCRI - The share of university graduates from the unemployed population is over 40%. According to the state-run Khabar online news agency on September 29, while in 2001 about 10 percent of the Iranian unemployed population were university students, this rate has increased to more than 41 percent. This change is indicative of a change in the structure of Iran’s labor market in the current situation.

Iran: The Tragedy of Suicide Among University Students

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NCRI - In recent years, there has been an increase in suicide rate among Iranian university students. They usually commit suicide from a bridge or roof or with poisons, pills, and sometimes self-immolation. The question is why they kill themselves and who bears the blame? A state-run newspaper reflected this social crisis and examined the causes quoting a sociologist, "The inefficient administration, disappointment about the future, the imbalance between incomes and expenditures, depression, and unemployment are the main causes of suicide among Iranian students."

Iran Regime Officials Build Thousands of Villas for Themselves

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NCRI - The state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force on Wednesday, September 27, in a factional feud a clash of Iranian regime’s various bands revealed the plundering and pillage by the regime officials and extensive construction of villas in northern Iran.

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