Iran: Arrest of Working Children, Adopting a Failed Scheme, Once Again

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NCRI - While according to its job description, the Welfare Organization should put all its efforts to expand rehabilitation and supportive services and help provide low-income population with their basic needs, Iranian regime’s Welfare Organization, however, has turned into an entity for cracking down on working children.

Confession of Iran Regime MP: After 29 Years, Situation of Oil-Rich City Is Catastrophic

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NCRI - A member of the economic commission of the Iranian regime's parliament confessed to the dire situation in the city of Abadan, southwest of Iran, while attacking Hassan Rouhani, the president of the regime, because of his government's incompetency: “Over the course of more than 29 years after the war between Iran and Iraq, Abadan is still in a miserable situation and the unemployment rate in Abadan is more than 30 percent.”

Schools of Iran's Oil-Rich Region Do Not Have Teachers

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NCRI - The new academic year in Iran started while some schools in oil-rich south western province of Iran do not have teachers. In addition, most of the facilities of these schools is worn out and unusable.

According to the reports, schools in Ghaizaniyeh district of Ahwaz do not have teachers and students are confused and wandering. There are 600 oil wells in this area. Ghaizaniyeh is located in the east of Ahwaz, where 38,000 people live in 80 villages.

Iran Regime's Minister of Education: 40 - 42% of Classrooms Lack Standard Heating Systems

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NCRI - Iran's Minister of Education On the first day of the new academic year admitted that 40% to 42% of classrooms lack standard heating systems.

According to Fars News affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Mohammad Bathaei in an interview with IRIB on Saturday, September 23, stated, "There are still nonstandard heaters in classes." He then hoped that standard heaters will be installed in the future as the sixth development plan provides credits. The minister of Education refers to nonstandard heaters that have led to major incidents.

Iran Workplace Incidents: Shadow of Death Over Iranian Workers

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NCRI - There’s not a single day in Iran on which the news of workplace deaths or injuries is missing. Regime’s incompetence and inaction in this regard has caused Iran to hold world record and first place in workplace incidents.

Pointing to the issue, Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency quotes one of regime officials as acknowledging “aside from its family consequences, the death of each worker causes 7,500 man-hours to go to waste. The annual hidden costs of such incidents amount to 30 thousand billion tomans, and the increasing trend of such costs is quite worrying.”

The Accelerating Pace of Poverty in Iran

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NCRI - The accelerating pace of poverty extension in Iran is due to the innumerable corruption of government officials. The harmful effects of poverty among the people are so obvious that even the state-run media and regime officials are inevitably forced to admit this fact.

Iran Regime's Vice-President: Social Harm Has Reached a Dangerous Stage

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NCRI - Ishaq Jahangiri, first deputy of Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, on Tuesday, September 19, said that 11 million marginalized people who live in slum areas in the cities across the country have created serious risks.

Iran: The Deliberate Ignoring of the Street and Working Children Issues

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NCRI - Confession of the Vice-Chair of the Association for the Protection of Children regarding the collection of child labours under the pretext of the so-called plan of “organization and recruitment of the street and working children”.

International Labor Organization (ILO): The Unemployment Situation in Iran Is at a Critical Juncture

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NCRI - The minister of labor, co-operation and social welfare of the Iranian regime, said that unemployment in Iran reached 3.4 million people and acknowledged that the Iranian economy does not have "the capacity" to solve this problem.

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