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Iran – A close associate to mullahs’ leader: It is legitimate to attack and murder people of Israe

Ali KhameneiNCRI, September 2 – Fars News Agency, affiliated to Ahmadinejad’s faction, quoting Ali Motahari, a close associate to Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the clerical regime reported on August 29 that the Islamic world should unite to get rid of injustice. "The Islamic Republic (of Iran) should be thinking of establishing a United States of Islamic Republics instead of seeking rapprochement with Europe. According to Islam and Moslem scholars no one is allowed to kill the innocent civilians of an aggressive state within the context of legitimate defense. But Israel is an exception and this rule does not apply and as the people of Israel are aggressors themselves, therefore, the Islamic scholars believe that although fighting the Israeli soldiers takes priority, but attacking and killing Israeli people is justified in this fight,”  according to Fars.

He was further quoted: “Terror, murder and violence will not disappear for as long as discrimination and injustice prevails. Prelude for materialization of justice is moral freedom and belief in god.” Motahari added: “Branding suicide operations as terrorism is absolutely wrong as terrorism is an act of ignorance. But a suicide operation is a defensive act and is carried out under special circumstances and with full awareness.”

Khamenei’s associate said: “To my view, the September 11 incident was the work of Alqaeda group but the United States prepared the grounds and opened the way in order to benefit the outcome of the act and do what they do today and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Motahari stipulated: “By relying on our religious common grounds with Sunnis we can form a united Islamic front. The Islamic Republic of Iran should be thinking of forming a united states of Islamic republics based on our common grounds and principles rather than seeking rapprochement with Europe.”