Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Iraqi declaration: Iranian regime interference in Iraqi constitution cannot be tolerated

Iraqis support PMOI
NCRI, September 28 – Iraqi dailies including Az-Zaman, Al-Haqaeq, Al-Fourat reported that two thousand Iraqi lawyers and jurists, 41 political and social groups, sheikhs’ councils and over 200,000 Iraqi citizens called for revision of Article 21(3) of draft constitution in their joint declaration released on September 25.

“Having lost patience with lawlessness, insecurity, killings, explosions and especially the Iranian regime’s secret war and undeclared occupation, and having seen that Tehran’s interferences have caused evermore insecurity and bloodshed in Iraq, the Iraqi people cannot turn a blind eye on their country’s constitution providing the interests of the Iranian regime,” said the declaration.

Professor Eric David, President of the Center on International Law at the University of Brussels and senior advisor to the International Committee of the Red Cross, says, "As Iraq goes through the challenges of democratization, one of the key indicators for the world community will be the way the new Iraqi state will treat political refugees and asylum seekers…"

The signatories of the declaration stressed: “We, the Iraqis who have signed this declaration based on key indicators for establishment of democracy and on internationally recognized standards, call for removal of the third clause of Article 21 from the draft Constitution of Iraq.” They further noted: “Such stipulation has not appeared in the TAL or any of the constitutions of Iraq or even the region,” and suggested, “instead, we propose democratic Iraq’s commitment to international laws on refugee rights and the 1951 Geneva Convention.”

A copy of the declaration with all its signatories was provided to the speaker of the Iraqi National Assembly and the head of the UN constitution committee in Iraq and they are also available at the Committee in Defense of Refugee Rights in the Iraqi draft constitution.