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IRGC members killed in Syria buried in Iran

NCRI – Bodies of at-least four members of the Iranian regime Revolutionary Guards Corp fighting in Syria for Bashar Assad has been buried in past week in Iran.

The reports of IRGC members killed in Syria are occasionaly posted in state-run websites. The latest reports in this regard were about the burial of four Iranians killed in Syria who were buried in Iran on April 29 and 30.

Sobhe Tous website reported on the burial of Ahmad Arefi and Jafar Hosseini on Wednesday morning, April 30, in the city of Mashhad.

Hafez News reported that the body of Javad Sajjadi shot in the side was buried in Shiraz on Tuesday.

Local websites in Eastern Azarbaijan Province reported that Moharam Alipour, an IRGC member that had been killed in the Syrian conflict, was buried on Tuesday.

All these websites stated that those killed were “Defenders of Zaynab Shrine” (a sacred Shiite shrine in Damascus suburbs), a pretext used by the Iranian regime to justify the dispatch of its forces to Syria.

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