The November 13 tragedy demonstrated that there are two opposing fronts; freedom-loving people and advocates of democracy and separation of religion and state, tolerant and democratic Muslims versus tyrants, savages, fanatics, ISIS, Bashar Assad and the Iranian regime.

A number of political personalities, advocates of human rights, elected representatives of the people of France as well as religious dignitaries representing the country’s Muslim community were in attendance and a number of them addressed the gathering including Ingrid Betancourt, former Presidential candidate in Colombia; Alain Vivien, former French minister; Sylvie Fassier, Jean Claude Jegoudez, Bruno Macé, district mayors and members of the provincial councils; Jean Pierre Bequet, former member of the Val d'Oise Council; Khalil Merroun, head of Evry Mosque; Taoufiq Sebti, Vice President of the Muslims Council of France; Alima Boumediene, former French senator , Bilal Bely Mokono, an eyewitness who was wounded in Paris terrorist attacks and Paulo Casaca, former member of the European Parliament.


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