NCRI - Some details have been revealed regarding one of the most dangerous terrorist groups detained in Bahrain, announced Ahmed al-Hamadi The head of the terrorist crimes center in Bahrain, and added: according to the reports, 54 terrorists established the terrorist group and it was commanded by a German terrorist. 25 members of this terrorist group have been arrested as well.

This group has carried out 6 terrorist operations in Bahrain. Those who got arrested admitted that they have assassinated the security forces with plans formulated by the Iran regime. These people used the security zones as a place to keep the explosives and weapons. Additionally, Bahraini security forces confiscated large quantities of explosive detonators, hand bombs, weapons, and ammunitions.

The following is the part of the interview:

Sky News TV, March 6th:"In a joint operation carried out by the Persian Gulf States, this large terrorist group got arrested. What approaches have been implemented to identify this channel before it conducts any operation?

The Head of Peace and Security Institution of Kuwait, Dr. Fahd al-Shalimi:"in my opinion, this operation was carried out based on the security agreement among the Gulf States. These countries exchanged the names of those suspected of terrorism. When a terrorist goes to Saudi Arabia from Kuwait, we do not know what security measures are imposed against him. There is a Gulf Centre for information management that connects intelligence authorities of the Gulf States in the airports. The terrorists present in any of these countries could be soon identified and prosecuted. No country could prosecute all suspects but all counties can identify those connected with the terrorists and to see who gives them money. Therefore, further cooperation is required in this case."

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