NCRI - Countering the Iranian regime’s menace and its interventions were the target of recent meeting between U.S. and Saudi Arabia and the main resolve of the U.S. president’s visit.

Dr. Ibrahim Nahas, member of the Saudi Advisory Council on May 26 said: The policies of U.S. and Saudi Arabia have largely been coordinated and aligned. The signing of recent agreements reflect the consensus, according to Sky News Arabic.

He added: The past differences between U.S. and Saudi Arabia are being resolved. For example, the Middle East peace process was the subject of much discussions but we see that President Donald Trump and King Salman have reached to some agreements in this regard.

Ibrahim Nahas in response to a question regarding the future of the Middle East, especially how U.S. would approach it? Said: Riyadh summit was an opportunity to demonstrate the power and capacity that Donald Trump stated during the campaign in 2016.

He went to Saudi Arabia. He was warmly welcomed. Arab and Muslim leaders signed agreements costing billions of dollars and perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars more are on the way. It was decided that there should be coordination against terrorism. As I said, the message of this meeting was the common goal of those leaders to fight against terrorism and fundamentalism.

This member of the Saudi Advisory Council continued: The underscored matter was that Saudi Arabia is the main ally of U.S. In the Middle East in order to contain the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime is the common enemy. Common enemy of U.S. , Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
Perhaps, so common that is the ground to unite all these countries together.

What seems clear is that U.S.’s strategy is to return to the Middle East and not to leave the Arab world as it was during Obama and now the target is Iranian regime.

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