NCRI - The Kuwaiti daily newspaper, Al-Seyassah quoted one of the top Kuwaiti officials on Monday, reporting that 14 Kuwaiti citizens who had been convicted of forming a group linked to the Iran regime, succeeded to flee into Iran with high-speed boats. In fact, they escaped hours after the Kuwaiti Supreme Court convicted them of planning to attack the Kuwaiti government and sentenced them to long-term imprisonment. The members of this group were charged with importing and storing explosives, weapons, and ammunition and having illegal eavesdropping devices.

The Supreme Court of Kuwait dismissed the charges against the defendants and convicted the remaining 21 of them of forming a spy circle in favor of Iran, linking to Iranian security forces and Hezbollah groups, and planning to carry out operations on the Kuwait territory.

According to Al-Seyassah News, the other 14 defendants that fled into Iran with high-speed boats have been released after filing the appeal and they were supposed to remain free until the issuance of the court order by the Supreme Court. The 14 defendants have been sentenced to the maximum 10 years of imprisonment. The agents became aware of defendants' escape just after visiting their place of residence.

The Supreme Court of Kuwait confirmed that the leader of this terrorist group, Hassan Hajieh associates with Abdolreza Dehghan who is an employee of Iran's embassy in Kuwait.

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