Mullahs' Terrorist training camps

"In 1983, I went to Iran's chief counsel in Istanbul. He sent me to Iran, to somebody named Ahmad Karimi. Karimi provided us with residence and began our training courses. When we were coming back to Turkey after having finished our training, Karimi briefed us for operations. We received our arms from two agents named Ali and Mostapha. We kept this weapons in various safe-houses changed frequently." Excerpts from statement to an Istanbul court by Arfan Chaghari, mullahs' mercenary in Turkey - Melliat newspaper, March 26, 1996.

List of terrorist attacks abroad

Partial list of terrorist attacks abroad

Minister of Intelligence in Ahmadi Nejad's cabinet

Minister of Intelligence in Ahmadi Nejad's cabinet Gholamhossein Mohseni Eje'ee was appointed as the Minister of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) by Ahmadinejad in August 2005. Formerly, he was a Revolutionary Court judge.

He is reported to have personally issued death sentences for thousands of political prisoners. As the representative of Revolutionary Court in the Ministry of Intelligence, Eje'ee played a key and active role in the arrest and execution of dissidents.

In 1996, as deputy prosecutor of the " Court for the Clergy ", many defiant Iranian clergymen were arrested, sentenced and executed on his order.

European intelligence service's reports on mullahs Ministry of Intelligence

European intelligence service's reports on mullahs Ministry of Intelligence and Security(MOIS) activities

The mullahs' regime's campaign against the Iranian opposition abroad is an issue well known to western intelligence communities. According to the western intelligence reports the main purposes of mullahs' intelligence activities abroad is to collect information about the opposition and harm the reputation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the Iranian Mojahedin. Following are a few examples:

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