Iran Regime: We May Increase Our Missile Range to Reach Europe

November 26, 2017. The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned Europe that if it threatens Tehran, the Guards will increase the range of missiles to above 2,000 kilometers, the Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

France has called for an “uncompromising” dialogue with Iran about its ballistic missile program and a possible negotiation over the issue separate from Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers…

Iran Regime's Destabilizing Activity and Support for Terrorist Proxies in the Region Must Be Countered

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NCRI - Tehran Intimidates Regional States through its Proxies' is the title of an exclusive article by Said AL-Abyad which appeared in Asharq al-Awsat newspaper on November 25, the following is the full text of this informative article.

Terrorist militias in the world, especially those supported by Iran, have consistently carried out kidnappings of unarmed “citizens and foreigners”, in order to obtain ransom for their release.

Syrian Opposition Tells Iran Regime to Leave Syria

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NCRI - A coalition of mainstream Syrian opposition groups gathered in Saudi Arabia to criticise the military presence of the Iranian Regime (and its various proxy groups) in Syria and asked them to leave immediately.

The over 140 people in attendance at the two-day conference in Riyadh also reaffirmed that there is not a place for the Bashar al-Assad dictatorship- which the Iranian Regime is propping up- in an interim period under any UN-sponsored peace arrangement.

US Appeal Court Reopens $1.7 Billion Terrorism Case Against Iran Regime

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NCRI - The US Court of Appeals has revived part of a $1.68 billion lawsuit against the Iranian Regime’s central bank, Bank Markazi, by the familes of US service personell killed in the 1983 bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon by the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

The federal court, based in New York, voted 3-0 on Tuesday, that a lower court judge was wrong to dismiss the families’ claims against Markazi and two European banks who helped facilitate the illegal financial transactions that helped fund the terrorist group.

Bahrain: Iran Regime Responsible for Terror Attack on Oil Pipeline

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NCRI - The Bahraini Interior Ministry declared that the Iranian Regime ordered the attack on a major oil pipeline between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia on November 10, and called it an “act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism”.

The Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed tweeted: “The attempt to bomb the Saudi-Bahraini oil pipeline is a dangerous Iranian escalation that aims to scare citizens and hurt the global oil industry… Iran is targeting us all.”

Motion Tabled at UK Parliament to Blacklist Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards

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NCRI - A new motion has been tabled at the United Kingdom Parliament calling on the British government to blacklist the Iranian regime's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

Early Day Motion 483 was tabled on October 31, 2017 by Bob Blackman MP and has already received cross-party support by nearly two dozen of Britain's lawmakers.

Report Reveals Iran Regime's Support for Terrorism

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NCRI - A new report detailing the Iranian Regime’s support for Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and ISIS, has been released by the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA).

The report, released on The November 21, notes that the Regime will describe these fundamentalist groups as liberation movements or revolution starters but the ideology is the same: fund terrorists, destabilise the region, take control via proxy group.

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