No Regrets for Taking Over U.S Embassy in Tehran, Said Iran Regime's Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs

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NCRI - Massoumeh Ebtekar, the spokesperson of the Iranian assailants who took over the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, says she has no regrets being involved in seizing the ‘den of espionage’ as she calls it.

“Back in 1979, taking over the U.S. embassy in Tehran seemed the best choice,” Ebtekar was quoted as saying on Saturday in a Farsi interview with Khabar Online.

Iran Regime Sheltered Al Qaeda's 9/11 Plotters to Pressure the US Into Turning Its Back on Iranian Resistance

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime sheltered al Qaeda operatives involved in the plotting of 9/11 to use as leverage against the US in order to attack the popular Iranian resistance, according to recently released CIA documents.

The documents, seized from the Osama Bin Laden complex after he was killed by Navy SEALS in 2011, reveal a long history between the Iranian Regime and the terrorist group.

It notes that, following the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Iran held these senior al Qaeda plotters (including Bin Laden’s son) in order to threaten the US into turning over all members of the Iranian Resistance group Mujahedin al-Khalq (MEK) who were living in exile in Camp Liberty and Ashraf in Iraq.

Iran Regime Is a Menace to Security of the Arab Countries

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NCRI - The Iranian regime is a danger to the Arab countries. The regime militants and its plans in these countries must be resolutely dealt with.

According to Sky News Arabia on November 1, Hezbollah militants, supported by the Iranian regime and their continued interventions in different countries, are a growing threat to the security of the Arab countries.

Former Top Intelligence Officer Voice Concern Over Iran Regime Filling Void Left by ISIS

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NCRI  - The former Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency has revealed that the Iranian Regime is taking advantage of the power vacuum left by ISIS across the Middle East; particularly in Syria and Iraq.

David Shedd, who served on the National Security Council under George W. Bush, revealed that he was deeply concerned by the narrow focus on defeating ISIS which failed to take into account that other oppressive regimes, like Iran, could and would exploit the void to take power for themselves.

Arab Coalition: Iran Regime's Proxies Destroying Middle East Security

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NCRI - A coalition of Arab states has accused the Iranian Regime and its regional proxies of destabilising regional security on Sunday.

The Coalition Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen denounced Iran’s negative role in the Middle East, noting that the Iranian Regime was supplying coup militias with weapons, ammo, ballistic missiles and landmines in direct violation of the UN Security Council's Resolution 2216.

Iran Regime's IRGC Bahraini Agents Sentenced to Prison

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NCRI - On Monday, October 30, a Bahraini court sentenced 19 men to lengthy jail terms on charges of spying for the Iranian regime and plotting to overthrow Bahrain’s legal government, ‘The New Arab’ reported quoting judicial sources.

Eight people were sentenced to life in prison, nine to 15 years in prison and two to 10 years in jail for espionage and inciting public dissent, according to a statement released by the counter-terrorism prosecutor's office.

Iran Regime, the Main Obstacle in the Way to Peace in Yemen

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NCRI - Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia says the regime in Iran is the “main obstacle" in the way of efforts to restore peace in the crisis-stricken Yemeni state.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on October 29 at a meeting of Riyadh-led coalition members: “Iran regime is providing armament and weaponry to the Houthis and (supporters of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salah).”

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