NCRI - The prominent political prisoner, Abolghasem Fouladvand in a message on the occasion of the International Women's Day stated: “we commemorate the International Women's Day while the Iran regime has always represented misogynistic conducts towards the women during the whole 38 years. They have actually disregarded women's rights through oppression and violence in my country."

The following is part of his letter:

"Khomeini initially committed the crime by forcing the veil or coining the motto of "wearing a headscarf or being an underdog". As soon as the Iran regime began to reign, the women got deprived of holding judiciary positions, working in the ministries or standing for the presidential nomination. The regime explicitly announced that the women take the low priority and they do not have human rights.

A couple of years later, Rafsanjani, Khamenei, Raeessi, Nayeri, Pourmohammadi, Khatami, Karoubi and so on were holding high positions in the regime. However, many women, girls, and mothers were raped and most of them were shot dead by the agents and with Khomeini's order. They even shot the pregnant women.

These sorts of crimes have been committed since Khamenei took the power after Khomeini's death. As soon as a courageous girl like Reihaneh avenged the intelligence agent of the regime in act of self-defense, Khamenei and his mercenaries sentenced her to death penalty.

The criminal Mullahs are extorting women and girls by establishing chastity houses and by implementing misogynistic laws. They sell the young girls aged 8-12 in the name of marriage. According to the statistics, there are currently more than 5000 female rough sleepers in Tehran.

If the Iranian women and girls protest against the crimes of the Mullahs' regime they will be slaughtered by the intelligence agents or will be sentenced to imprisonment; and those who join the organized resistance movement will be killed by the mercenaries of the regime, as what happened to Saba, Asieh, Pouran, Zahra and Zohreh.

In short, in order to revive the equality of men and women and for the realization of the litigation movement, the Mullahs' regime must be tried in the relevant international courts for imposing sex discriminations against the women and raping girls and mothers in prisons.

As the President-Elect of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi stated, there comes a day that this regime will be inflicted with harm unexpectedly by the courageous Iranian women; those who have made considerable changes. The founders of thousands of Ashrafs.

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