Iran: Female Political Prisoner Taken to Solitary Confinement

NCRI - According to reports published on November 4, the political prisoner Afsaneh Bayazidid, a Kurdish student held in Kerman Prison in exile, has been taken to the prison’s solitary confinement under the pretext of ‘starting a fight with other prisoners’.

The fellow Kurdish student from Bukan was sentenced on 21 August 2016 to four years’ imprisonment as well as exile to Kerman Prison on fabricated charges of propaganda against the system, insulting Khamenei and working with a Kurdish party. Afsaneh Bayazidi was taken to Kerman Prison on 8 September 2016 to serve her 4-year sentence.

Iran: The Female Political Prisoner Meets Her Mother

NCRI - After a complete unawareness of Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee's situation, it is finally reported that she got to get her first meeting with her mother on Sunday, October 30th, 2016.

Golrokh's mother who has just undergone a surgery 3 days ago, in an interview with a Persian newspaper describes her daughter's situation:

Courageous Political Prisoner Challenges Iran Regime’s Notorious Attorney General

NCRI - Narges Mohammadi addressing the Iranian regime’s Attorney General: “I will not be silent until my rights are respected and justice is served.”

The political prisoner, Narges Mohammadi in a letter responded to the Iranian regime’s Attorney General, cleric Jafar Montazeri who addressed her as one side of a sinister triangle and a despicable element.

In a reaction to the letter by 14 Members of Iranian regime’s Parliament for the review of Narges Mohammadi’s case and paying attention to the problems in the verdict against her, Jafar Montazeri, said: “Before writing letters in support of the despicable elements like her, the representatives should check the status of their case and examine it thoroughly.”

Twenty bizarre bans on Iranian women by misogynic mullahs’ regime ruling Iran

NCRI - Many of the prohibitions that Iranian women are facing are considered bizarre and odd by their counterparts in many other countries. The bans have been changed over time and sometimes become more intense. Let’s get familiar with some of these bans.

Deutsche Welle Farsi has collected and published in a report a list of strange prohibitions for Iranian women in Iran as the followings:

HRW: Awarding Iran with World League tournament emboldens discriminatory policies against women

 “The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) should cease awarding Iran the right to host FIVB international tournaments until the country ensures that female spectators can freely attend volleyball matches in the country,” Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Ary Graça, the sports federation’s leader.

In a matter of weeks, the FIVB will announce host countries for its 2017 World League.

Judiciary of Iran has switched the place of the defendant and the plaintiff

NCRI - Narges Mohammadi: I believe in the way I pursue and I have no regret about the jobs that I did

The deputy of the Human Rights' Advocates, Narges Mohammadi sent a memo from Evin Prison and stressed that she will tolerate the ordeal of prison but she never believes that serving a day in this prison is legal, ethical and humane for her.

Iranian Mullah: Presence of unveiled woman in the street is presence of enemy’s infantry

NCRI - According to state-run Fars news agency on October 6, the reactionary mullah Alam al-Hoda, Friday prayer leader in Mashhad (northeast Iran) in a meeting with commanders of the police and security forces called for more repression against women and girls and said: “The presence of an unveiled or improper veiled woman on the streets should be viewed in your eyes as enemy’s infantry and as the subject of your (suppressive) operations. You cannot be negligent in dealing with this issue otherwise we will be defeated.

Iran: Amnesty International react to “shameful” 16-year-sentence for human rights defender Narges Mohammadi

NCRI - Amnesty International have highlighted the recent news that the 16-year prison sentence against Iranian human rights defender Narges Mohammadi, who is critically ill, has been upheld by the Iranian regime’s appeal court.

Iran: Three million two hundred thousand children being hindered from education

NCRI - ISNA news agency has on Saturday September 24 quoted from “Shahindokht Molaverdi”, regime’s vice president, that three million two hundred thousand children are being hindered from education among which girls are the main group.

Regarding the hindered from education, she said: “According to the results of the Parliament’s Research Center, at the moment there are three million two hundred thousand children In Iran who are being hindered from education.”

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