Iran: Women's working-hour cut down approved by Council of Guardians

NCRI - The clerical regime's Council of Guardians approved cut down on women's working hours on Monday, September 19, 2016. 

The spokesman for the Social Committee of the Iranian Majlis (parliament) said reduction of women's working hours will be given as a directive to all executive apparatus.

Iran: A victim’s (of 1988 massacre) sister barred from leaving Iran

NCRI - Iran's intelligence agents prevented M. Behkish from leaving the country, it is noteworthy that six members of her family were killed in the 1988 massacre of the MEK/PMOI political prisoner in Iran.

Mrs Behkish was leaving the country to visit her children. She held a valid passport with an exit permission, she even was controlled and passed through passport control, but nonetheless she was stopped on the "gate to Fly" and officers confiscated her passport and barred her from leaving Iran.

Iran: Many girls deprived of education in the new academic year

NCRI - Less than a week away from the beginning of the new academic year in Iran, a large number of young girls are deprived of education.

Following are remarks by a number of officials on just one province, southwestern Iranian province of Khuzistan, and just a few cities, but reflect a small example of the entire picture.

Iran: Dire conditions of women heads of household in Lorestan

NCRI - In the meeting of the working group on women and families in the Province of Lorestan (western Iran), the governor's political, security and social deputy said: "Some 50,000 women have been identified in the province who head their households."

20 ex-human rights experts call on Iran regime to release academic

NCRI - Twenty former United Nations special human rights investigators have added their voices to growing calls for the Iranian regime to release a jailed Canadian-Iranian academic.

They made their call at the UN’s general assembly in New York.

Iran: Bereaved sister does not forgive criminal prosecutor

NCRI - The apology of one of the regime's criminal officials aroused much outrage among families of the victims.

Asefeh Kamrani, the bereaved sister of one of the victims of the 2009 killings, reacted strongly to the apology of the Butcher of Kahrizak, Saeid Mortazavi.

Iranian political prisoner exposes the medieval tortures in Khamenei’s prisons

 NCRIA heart-breaking letter from an Iranian political prisoner exposes the medieval tortures in Khamenei’s prisons.

Afsaneh Bayazidi, a Kurdish political prisoner, and a student from Bukan, was sentenced to four years in prison and exile in Kerman prison by Mahabad’s revolutionary court.

Iran: Mothers demand prosecution of perpetrators of 1988 massacre

Activist mothers, known as Mothers of Laleh Park, and relatives of political prisoners, issued a statement on September 11, 2016, calling for prosecution of perpetrators of 1988 massacre.

NCRI - In their statement, these mothers said "the killings of group after groups of political prisoners in summer 1988 (was) a political massacre" whose victims "were tried unfairly in closed-door courts and sentenced to execution without their families knowing."

The Doubling Rate of Drug Addiction among Women in Iran

NCRI - Ali Moyedi the chief justice for drug enforcement agency of Iran in an interview with Mehr News agency on September 7, 2016 has pointed out the increasing rate of drug addiction among women.

He said, “Overall from one million three hundred and fifty thousand drug addicts, 10 percent of them are women. This number has been doubled in comparison to our previous estimation”.

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