Detention of a 15-Year-Old Girl Student in South-Western Iran

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NCRI - On Wednesday, October 18, the Iranian regime's Intelligence Office in the city of Abadan arrested a 15-year-old student girl. According to reports, this student girl is named Maedeh Shabani Nezhad and is studying at the high school first grade.

Iran: The Bitter Story of Women Heads of Households' Pain and Suffering

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NCRI - Poverty among Iranian women has become so prevalent that state media and officials are referring to it as ‘feminine poverty’, a term which now has turned commonplace.

With nearly four decades past since the Iranian regime’s coming to power, poverty among people, including women, is still commonplace and even catastrophic among female-headed households.

Amnesty International Issue Urgent Action Notice for Iranian Female Prisoner Threatened With Extended Sentence

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NCRI - In May this year, political prisoner Maryam Akbari Monfared’s husband, Hassan Jafari Hatam, was summoned to Tehran for an interrogation. He was unaware of why he would be summoned, but he went to the Ministry of Intelligence office anyway.

When he got there, he was abused and officials said that his wife’s sentence would be extended by an extra three years. They explained to Hassan that this was because his wife was writing about her siblings, and the tens of thousands of other political prisoners, who were killed during the 1988 massacre, in open letters from prison.

Iranian Political Prisoner Refuses Urgent Surgery in Protest at the Regime's Treatment of Her

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NCRI - An Iranian political prisoner is refusing urgent hospital treatment for a ruptured gallbladder in protest at her disgusting treatment by the Iranian Regime
Atena Daemi, who was sentenced to seven years in jail on bogus charges, was told that in order to have her operation, she would have to remain handcuffed and shackled whilst in hospital.

An Iranian Woman Asylum Seeker, Deported by Norwegian Government to Iran Was Flogged

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NCRI - The inhumane sentence of 80 lashes for an asylum seeker who was deported back to Iran by the government of Norway in March was implemented in Tehran.

According to reports, the afternoon of September 19, sentence of 80 lashes for Leila Bayat was carried out at Branch 3 of Guidance Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran. Earlier, she was sentenced along with three of her friends to 80 lashes on the charges of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Amnesty International Reports: Another Human Rights Defender Imprisoned in Iran

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NCRI - Amnesty International’s recent report Caught in a web of repression shows a detailed overview of the repression facing human rights activists in Iran.

Under international law, enforced disappearances are crimes. International human rights bodies have recognized that an enforced disappearance may cause such severe mental distress for family members, who have the right not to be subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment.

Syrian Women Inside Stadium, Iranian Women Behind Freedom Gate! And the Aftermath

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NCRI - While the Iranian regime’s reactionary, misogynous policies during a 2018 FIFA world cup Russia qualifier held on September 5, 2017 between Iran and Syria prompted overwhelmed people to react in protest, they also revealed more than ever the benighted nature of this medieval regime and its true face to the world.

Iran: Security Patrol for Torn Pants and Buttonless Open Manteau!

NCRI - “Torn pants and manteaux (coats) without buttons are not Iranian clothing. Police forces will deal with this issue if necessary.” This is a summary of a new regulation that has been warned to the apparel market.

Iran: Women Political Prisoners Support the Hunger Strikers

NCRI - Three women political prisoners in Tehran Evin prison expressed their support in a letter to the hunger striking political prisoners and their rightful claims, in Gohardasht prison in Karaj.

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