ImageBy Chris Moncrieff, PA

Supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran held a rally outside Downing Street today to protest against the "sham" presidential elections in Iran.

Iranian convention in California - U.S.

ImageBacking Urged for Iranian Resistance, HRW Report Denounced

“A crowd of about 500 people gathered in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, on Sunday, May 22, to demand that the United States support the Iranian opposition and remove its most powerful armed group, the People's Mojahedin, from the government's list of terrorist organizations,” reported Los Angeles Times, May 23.

Press conference in Denver, Colorado

ImageEventsDenver, Colorado
A committee of Iranian-Americans held a press conference on May 24 and Tim Ghaemi, the committee’s executive director, described the report as a compilation of lies by agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and called on HRW to withdraw the report.

Elections in Iran are not only illegitimate, they are a total farce

ImageEventsAndrew Mackinlay, MP -  British Parliament:

There is a crisis in Iran, which is not being widely reported. The so-called elections in Iran are not only illegitimate, they are a total farce.

The great danger is that the British Foreign Office, the European Union and the press in this country will be blind or seduced by this, and there will be phrases that the new President will somehow be a man we can do business with. All the vocabulary of appeasement of the 1930’s will be used to justify a dialogue between the man who emerges from these wholly bogus elections.

It is so important, at this time, that we fully support the NCRI

ImageThe Rt. Hon. Lord Renton QC:

It is quite clear that the threat posed by the present Iranian regime continues to intensify and it must be dealt with. But the question is how. That’s why this meeting is so important and why important contributions are made to the discussion.

A letter from Lord Avebury to Human Rights Watch

Date: Friday, May 27 @ 07:52:56 CDT
Topic: Political Support

Dear Mr Stork,

I have read the HRW report on alleged torture by the People’s Mojahedin of Iran with a sense of déja vu, having had a correspondence with Christopher George in 1994 and then with Kenneth Roth, Eric Goldstein and Hanni Megally of HRW in 1997, concerning allegations made against the PMOI by exiles in Germany who were interviewed by Elahe Hicks of HRW.

Parliamentary Debates - House of Lords - Britain

Date: Saturday, May 28 @ 05:00:32 CDT
Topic: Political Support

Vol. 672 No. 6 May 2005
Iran: Nuclear Programme

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale asked Her Majesty's Government:
What is their response to reports that the Iranian Government are to resume uranium enrichment which could be weapons-related?

Parliamentary Debates - House of Commons - Britain

Date: Sunday, May 29 @ 06:49:06 CDT
Topic: Political Support


Mr. David Amess (Southend, West) (Con) - ...We were told that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; in fact, the real threat is from Iran. I want to take this opportunity to persuade the Minister that we need to engage with the good girls and good boys in Iran on this issue.

Second Court Hearing of Rome Terror Case

ImageTerrorismCourt hearing over the assassination of Mohammad-Hossein Naqdi, representative of the NCRI in Italy, ended its second session in Rome’s Criminal Court on May 30.
The prosecutor briefly read out the indictment and explained the role of the clerical regime in assassination of its opponents in other countries including Germany, Switzerland and France.

Carlo Tavermina, one of the defense lawyers said that the main reason for Naqdi to be a target was his extensive activities to expose human rights violations in Iran and terrorism by Tehran regime.

Iran's Public Hanging Scenes Shock Western Viewer

ImageA moving footage of scenes of public hangings of three men in Iran unveiled the extent of ongoing atrocities in Iran in a meeting at the Law Society in central London on June 1.

The meeting entitled “The Sanctity of human rights must be safeguarded and kept free of political manipulation” was chaired by former Labour MP Kerry Pollard and speakers included Geoffrey Bindman, a distinguished human rights lawyer and president of the Bindman Chambers, and ...

The Human Rights Watch report serves Iranian regime to further stifle any dissen

ImageUS Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri wrote a letter on June 2nd to the director of Human Rights Watch, describing its report as a service to the Iranian regime to further stifle any dissent. In his letter to the New York based organization, Mr. Clay wrote: "I wish to add my voice to those who have expressed concerns about a recent HRW report regarding several anonymous individuals, who claim to be former members of the Iranian Mujahedeen (MEK), and who have made claims that they were mistreated by that organization.

Iranian authorities' intervention with the United Nations officials


Iranian authorities constantly and increasingly interven with the United Nations officials to have the Iranian activists banned from the United Nations

Backed by prominent jurists and personalities, numerous NGO’s, having a consultative status with the UN, strongly condemn the political pressures and manipulation by the Iranian Government aimed at having human rights activists banned from the United Nations’ bodies

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