Protesters Are Disgusted by Iran Regime's President Rouhani

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NCRI - An Iranian regime’s political analyst acknowledges that Iranian protesters are disappointed in the country’s so-called moderates and disgusted by regime’s president Hassan Rouhani.

In response to Ali Shamkhani, secretary of regime’s Supreme National Security Council, claiming that the country’s ongoing protests are ignited by foreigners, regime’s political expert Sadegh Zibakalam has written a letter, writing “I was surprised by your comments, attributing protests to Saudis. I was not aware that Saudi Arabia is so powerful that it can take thousands of Iranian youth in the country’s small and big cities to the streets. I was however more sorry than surprised by your comments.”

Two Million Iranians Suffering Hunger

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NCRI - Iranian regime’s deputy Labor Minister had said that there are two million hungry people in the country. A really shocking figure, says a regime’s MP.

Member of regime parliament’s Social Affairs Committee believes that with this many people suffering hunger, the total number of country’s deprived people should be much higher.

State-run IRNA news agency has reported on a meeting titled ‘The 2018 Budget: will it increase or reduce poverty?’, in which regime’s deputy Labor and Social Welfare Minister Ahmad Maydari said “according to domestic and international estimates, between two to four percent of Iranian people suffer extreme poverty, meaning they can’t afford to feed themselves, something also referred to as violent poverty.”

Iran's Western Kermanshah Shakes With 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shocks

A.P. TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian media is reporting that a magnitude 5.1 earthquake has jolted the country's western province of Kermanshah.

Semi-official ISNA news agency says the temblor rocked the Kurdish town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 520 kilometers, or 320 miles, west of Tehran on Saturday.

Night Demonstrations Continued Across the Country on Friday

On the wall is written: Death to Khamenei
Iranian preachers’ podiums turned on Friday into stages from where they attacked anti-government protests that kicked off last week in several parts of the country to object to a surge in the prices of basic food supplies and the regime’s bad regional policy.

In a telephone interview from Tehran, an Iranian human rights activist told Asharq Al-Awsat: “Starting 3 pm till late at night, the main streets of Tehran witnessed fueled moments.”

U.S House Majority Leader and FA Committee Leader Support the Uprising in Iran

On Friday, January 5, 2018. The following Press Release concerning the current uprising in Iran was issued:

Leader McCarthy and Chairman Royce Announce Vote Supporting the People of Iran

Press Release 01.05.18

Media Contact 202-225-5021

The Iranian Regime's Misogyny Problem

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NCRI - Of all of the media coverage surrounding the protests against the Iranian Regime that have been ranging for over a week now, some of the most powerful are of ordinary Iranian women defying the sexist laws of the Regime whilst protesting the Regime as a whole.

Several photos and videos that are being widely shared on social media- by Iranians that still have access to the internet after the Regime put heavy restrictions on it to stop communication amongst protesters and to the outside world- show brave women removing their hijabs to protest the Regime’s misogynistic dress codes, whilst others show a woman raising her fist in the air after walking through a cloud of tear gas.

The Iranian Massacre Never Ended

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NCRI - Back in 1988, the Iranian Regime slaughtered over 30,000 political prisoners- including children, the elderly, and pregnant women, in a massacre that has continued to the current day.

Most of the victims were members or supporters of the Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), but many were only caught with the group’s literature.

For the Iranian Regime, that was evidence enough and they were subjected to kangaroo trials- presided over by the infamous “death commissions”-which lasted just a few minutes and did not allow for a defence.

U.S. Warns Iran Regime: 'The World Will Be Watching You'

US Ambassador Nikki Haley says "the Iranian regime is now on notice: the world will be watching what you do," during an emergency meeting of UN Security Council on mass anti-government protests in Iran.

Nikki Haley accuses Iranian regime of funding a pro-regime military campaign in Syria, backing Shia militias in Iraq and supporting a crony elite while ordinary Iranians struggle.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned Iranian authorities on Friday that the world is watching, as thousands held pro-government demonstrations in Iran following anti-government protests, in which over 21 people were killed.

Regime Change in Iran Is the Only Way Forward

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NCRI - The discontent in Iran is increasing with every day that passes and many are saying that the protests in the country are even more significant than the ones that happened in 2009. Last Thursday, protests flared up all across the country and it has been reported that more than thirty people have lost their lives. Although the Iranian regime is trying to cover up the severity of the situation, it is clear from leaked videos and images that the people are extremely angry.

Alireza Jafarzadeh, the deputy director of the Washington office of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has commented on the crisis, saying that the protests and demonstrations are partly based on the way the Iranian regime is treating the desperate economic situation of the people. He said that the cost of living there is rising and is affecting everyone. He also said that the government corruption is having serious consequences on the lives of the people.

US Says: We Have Authority to Hold Iran Regime Accountable for Protesters' Deaths

WASHINGTON: January 4, 2017. Russia urged the United States Thursday not to meddle in Iran’s affairs, but the US State Department followed just a few hours later with a forceful statement in support of Iranian protesters.

The State Department said it condemns deaths and arrests related to the Iranian protests in the “strongest possible terms.”

“We have ample authorities to hold accountable, those who commit violence against protesters, contribute to censorship, or steal from the people of Iran.

U.S. Department of State: On the Continuing Protests in Iran

January 4, 2018, U.S. Department of State today issued a press statement on the Iranian people’s nationwide protests against the clerical regime, the following is the full text of the announcement:

URGENT - Iran Protests: Strike in Iran's Southern Pars Oil & Gas Refinery

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NCRI - Today Thursday January 4, 2018. The workers and staff of the prominent Iranian Oil & Gas Southern Pars refinery in the city of Asaluyeh, the capital of Asaluyeh County, in Bushehr Province Southern Iran, went on Strike.

Iran Regime Re-Deploys Fighters From Syrian Civil War to Subdue Protests

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime has redeployed fighters from the Syrian Civil War, like the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMUs) and Afghan mercenaries, to quell the ongoing anti-regime protests that are happening across Iran.

Sources in Ahvaz, southern Iran, told Al Arabiya that the PMUs are joining Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and suppressive security forces in the streets of Abadan and Khorramshahr and in Al-Thawra neighbourhood in Ahvaz.

Amad News, a website owned by the Iranian opposition, broadcast on one of its Telegram channels that the IRGC has also deployed thousands of Afghan mercenaries from the Liwa Fatemiyoun branch to the city of Khomeyni Shahr in Isfahan.

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