Iran Regime's Concern Over the Inspection of Military Sites

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NCRI - The new remarks made by the U.S. President have sparked a wave of concerns in the Iran regime concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Vice-President of Iran and the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization in an interview with the German magazine, Spiegel, published on August 8, stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran would face economic issues if the nuclear deal were breached.

Iran: Shocking Upsurge in Suicide Rate

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NCRI - The head of the Social Emergency Centre for of the Iranian regime’s Social Welfare Organization admitted the increase in suicide rates in Iran and said: “The country's western provinces, including Ilam, Kermanshah, Hamedan, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad are among the provinces with very high rates of suicide.”

Why Iran Regime and North Korea Are Cooperating?

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NCRI - The cooperation between the Iranian regime and North Korea in the missile and nuclear fields is a dangerous matter.

North Korea tests nuclear weapons, and the Iranian regime is pursuing nuclear weapons and there is military and nuclear cooperation between the two countries.

Astonishing Statistics About Iran's Devastated Industry

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NCRI - According to the Head of the Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, South Korea with 10 production units produces cement multiple times higher than Iran with 165 units. He said that the situation is the same in other sectors, and a “fundamental change” is necessary to make an upheaval.

Hassan Rouhani's New Cabinet Stacked With Old Hands

Veteran IRGC and MOIS Members Make Up Murderers’ Row

Iran’s new cabinet is stacked with former Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) members who have overseen most of the brutal human rights violations over the last three decades.

Iran Exporters Closed out of Qatar Market Due to Sanctions

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NCRI - Iranian businessmen complain that they’re not being supported by their government the way they should. They point to Qatar market, which due to different reasons has closed out Iranian goods and is now out of Iranian traders’ reach.

Iran Regime's Threat to the United States

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NCRI - The US military is paying very close attention to Iran’s violent proxy militia groups in Iraq following reports that they will start killing US troops once the Islamic State (IS) has left the country.

The IS defeat is drawing closer. It is estimated that the group which formerly had 25,000 members is now down to a few thousand. This means that the Hezbollah threat is drawing closer.

Iran Industries Face Serious Cutbacks in Investment

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NCRI - The new statistics released by the Iran regime’s Ministry of Industry on industrial indicators show that the investment process in the Iranian industry has decreased by 18%.

According to Mashreq News, based on the statistics released by the Ministry of Industry in the first quarter of 2017, in total, more than 56,773 billion Rials of capital was issued for industrial operation license, which is 18% lower than the same period last year.

Iran: People in Western Provinces Continue to Stage Protest Gatherings Against Killing of Porters

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - On Friday, September 8, 2017. A number of civil rights activists were arrested in the city of Kermanshah Western Iran, following a protest gathering against the killing of porters carrying goods across the border, this gathering was also to support the ongoing protests in other major cities in western Iran which have started earlier this week as follows:

Nikki Haley on Iran Nuclear Deal: Our Lives Are Not About Being Easy, Our Lives Are About Being Right

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Earlier this week, President Trump’s envoy to the United Nations discussed the possibility of not granting Iran compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. It was suggested that the decision might end up being left to Congress.

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that although she does not know what the President will decide to do, he would be well within reason to not certify Iran’s compliance. She said that whatever happens after that will be a big challenge for Congress.

Muqtada Al-Sadr Refused to Meet Iran Regime Leader's Envoy to Iraq

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - On Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Muqtada Sadr, leader of Sadri current in Iraq, refused to meet with Hashemi Shahroudi, the envoy of Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime.

“The envoy of Khamenei carries a sectarian project that would cause loss and damage to Iraq,” Baghdad Press reported quoting Amir al-Kanani, a leader of the Sadr's current, in an explanation of the rejection to meet with envoy of Ali Khamenei to Iraq. "

Iran: Civil and Political Activists Support Hunger Striking Political Prisoners

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - On September 6, on the 38th day of the hunger strike of a group of political prisoners in the Gohardasht Prison in Karaj west of the capital Tehran, a number of families of these prisoners, and civil and political activists, while supporting the legitimate demands of these prisoners, expressed concerns over their well-being and urged them to end their hunger strike.

Iran: Pharmacies on the Verge of Bankruptcy; Pharmacists Changing Career

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Many pharmacists of Mashhad (northeastern Iran) are dissatisfied with their current condition as well as insurance payments. They believe that working in this field is not frugal anymore.

Late payment of pharmaceutical insurance premiums has become commonplace for years, according to the Qods Force News Agency, Tasnim.


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