Iran Regime's MP: A Strong Earthquake Will Cripple Tehran's Relief Operations

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NCRI - An Iranian regime’s MP has warned over excessive housing projects in Tehran, saying that under such conditions, aid workers won’t be able to do anything should a magnitude seven earthquake hit the city.

In an interview with state-run ISNA news agency following the December-20th magnitude 5.2 earthquake striking Tehran and some other cities around the capital, Abdolreza Hashemizaei, member of regime’s parliamentary commission on councils and internal affairs, warned over excessive construction taking place in the city.

Interesting Confessions: Iran Regime's Leader Directly in Charge of Terrorism and Meddling in the Region

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NCRI - Trying to counter the U.S. Congress’s Approval to Publish Iranian Leader's Assets, Khamenei's publications office, unwantedly confirmed that all the belligerence, meddling in the internal affairs of the countries in the region and acts of terror and violence are directly controlled by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

State run Fars News Agency on December 23, while quoting The Institute for the Publication of Khamenei’s Works, stated:

Obama's Hezbollah Scandal, Revives the Iran-Deal 'Echo Chamber'

In May 2016, deputy national-security adviser Ben Rhodes took a victory lap in the New York Times to celebrate the Obama administration’s signature foreign-policy win. Rhodes had helped orchestrate the campaign to ensure that Congress would fail to stop President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal from going into effect, and in a remarkably unguarded interview for a New York Times Magazine profile, the failed novelist–turned–foreign-policy spinster boasted of how a tame press corps that he dubbed an “echo chamber” had done his bidding. At the time, some in the Obama camp chastised Rhodes for spilling the beans on how the mainstream media had dutifully bought the president’s disingenuous arguments for a pact that did not end the nuclear threat, expired within a decade (making an Iranian bomb inevitable), and both strengthened and enriched the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, with few tough questions asked.

Germany Ought to Reconsider Its Policy Toward Iran

 ‘Germany should beware of Iran’s threats and agenda’ is the title of an informative article by Dr. Majid Rafizadeh president of the International American Council, in which he warns about the less - noticed menaces of the Iranian regime’s activities in Europe, the full text of this article is as follows:

Iran’s expanding influence and interventions in the Middle East are well-documented and known to policy analysts, politicians and scholars. Yet little scholarly work has been conducted on Tehran’s activities and policy toward Germany. Since the nuclear deal, Germany has boosted trade and business with Iran, and unlike France, is underestimating Tehran’s ballistic missiles threats.

Iran Regime's Ambassador in Netherlands Hates Women

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NCRI - On Friday December 22, the Netherland news network ‘POW ned’ posted a report concerning the reaction of the parliamentarians who received a Christmas gift from Alireza Jahangiri the Iran regime’s ambassador in Nederland, it is noteworthy that regime’s ambassador had only sent the gifts to male parliamentarians! The report is as follows:

Declaration by 2000 French Mayors and Elected Officials Condemns Executions in Iran

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NCRI - At the Paris conference on December 16, titled the “Explosive conditions in Iran, mullahs’ regime in crises”, Messrs. Jean-François Legaret, Mayor of the 1st District of Paris, and Jacques Boutault, Mayor of the 2nd District of Paris, presented a declaration to Maryam Rajavi on behalf of 2000 mayors and elected representatives of France.

Before handing in the declaration, Mr. Legaret said:

The Moving Testimony of Young Misagh Who Spent Nine Years in Prison in Iran

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NCRI - Misagh Yazdannejad is a young Iranian activist who recently left his country after spending more than nine years of his life in the jails of the Mullahs. He was attending a conference on 16 December at the Palais Brongniart in Paris on the Iranian subject, where he shared his experience under the rule of the religious fascism in Iran. Here is the text of his touching discourse at the conference titled, "The explosive situation of Iran, the mullahs' regime encircled by crises":

Iran: Six Million Graduates Are out of Work

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NCRI - Based on official figures, 5-6 million Iranian university graduates are out of work, says head of Iranian regime parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission.

Speaking in a special TV news program, Gholamreza Tajgardoon said that three million 200 thousand of the country’s active population as well as three million 950 thousand of inactive population are out of work, adding “of the country’s total active population of 25 million 790 thousand, 22 million 588 thousand are working while the remaining three million 203 thousand are out of work.”

Iran: Morteza's Fight for the Freedom of His People

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NCRI - Morteza Shams is a courageous student who rose up against the tyranny of the mullahs in Iran before being arrested and tortured for his beliefs. Active in the student community to denounce the fundamentalist regime, young Morteza took part in the 2009 popular uprising in Iran, where he was led to measure the impact of the PMOI/MEK fight for change. Having recently left his country, he participated on December 16 at an international conference in Paris titled, "The explosive situation of Iran, the regime of the mullahs surrounded by crises". Here is the text of his poignant speech:

U.S. New Iran Policy

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NCRI - Following the release of the National Security Strategy, the U.S. is putting the Iranian Regime in its crosshairs for its support of extremism in the Middle East.

The Donald Trump administration has made it increasingly clear that Iranian regime’s destructive policies will no longer be overlooked by the US and it is now putting their words into action.

U.S. Ambassador Addresses UN Over Iran Regime's Violations

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NCRI - The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has said that based on a new report by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres putting additional pressure on Iran for its malign behaviour could lead to a new resolution against the Regime or strengthen those already in place.

Haley made these comments at a briefing on UN Security Council resolution 2231, which enshrines the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. She also said that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) could be included in a resolution based on its many violations.

Germany Raises Concerns on Iran Regime's Role in Region

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NCRI - German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said his country was concerned about the Iranian regime's role in the region and noted that Berlin and Riyadh have a similar position on the problematic role played by Iran's regime in the region and the role of Hezbollah, according to Al Arabiya English.

In an interview with the Pan-Arab Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on Wednesday, Gabriel emphasized that Germany and Saudi Arabia were on the same page when it comes to the need to counter the Iranian regime’s political role in the region.

Magnitude 5.2 Tremor Hits Near Iran's Capital

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NCRI - A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck Iran's capital Tehran on Wednesday, according to local reports.

The tremor caused people in buildings to pour out into the streets and parks, fearing a stronger aftershock.

The epicenter of the quake was at Meshkin Dasht in Alborz Province, 50 km west of Tehran, according to one report, while another said the quake hit Malard, about 40 km southwest of Tehran, at 23:28 Wednesday local time.

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