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{loadposition sitemapload}By putting all of your content into nested categories you can give users and search engines access to everything using a menu.


The search component uses plugins to control which parts of your Joomla! site are searched. You may choose to turn off some areas to...

Search Module

This module will display a search box. Help {loadmodule search,Search}


Joomla! 2.5 offers two search options. The Basic Search component provides basic search functionality for the information contained in your core components. Many extensions...

Sample Sites

Your installation includes sample data, designed to show you some of the options you have for building your website. In addition to information about...

Related Items Module

This module displays other Articles that are related to the one currently being viewed. These relations are established by the Meta Keywords.  All the keywords...

Random Image Module

This module displays a random image from your chosen image directory. Help {loadmodule random_image,Random Image}
Kings Canyon






As you make your Joomla! site you will control the details of the display using options also referred to as parameters. Options control everything from...