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  • Last Modified: Sabato 12 Ottobre 2019, 21:00:22.

Continuing appeasement emboldening mullahs in pursuit of nuclear weapons

ImageContinuing appeasement emboldening mullahs in suppression, export of terror and pursuit of nuclear weapons program

Threatening the European side in the nuclear talks, Hassan Rowhani, secretary for the Supreme National Security Council, said in a speech to the Majlis (Parliament), "If negotiations between Iran and Europe over the nuclear issue prove fruitless, we will halt them."

Thousands of angry workers force Rafsanjani to call off May Day speech

ImageSome 20,000 workers who had gathered in and around Tehran's Azadi Stadium in Tehran today chanted "referendum, referendum, referendum, this what our people want" and "the Majlis betrays us and leaders support them", forcing ex-President Hashemi Rafsanjani to call off his scheduled speech at the May Day gathering.

Iranian Teachers continue their protests despite mullahs' crackdown

ImageTeachers in Tehran and across Iranian towns and cities continue their protests and strikes because of harsh living conditions and low salaries, despite pressure by the mullahs' regime.

Yesterday, more than 1,000 teachers demonstrated outside the mullahs' Majlis in Baharestan Square for the third consecutive day. Suppressive agents of the State Security Forces, under the command of Col. Massoud Jafari, beat up and arrested a number of demonstrators. To identify and harass the teachers demonstrating, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security filmed the teachers.

Mullahs’ new propaganda scheme against PMOI, Iranian Resistance

The Iranian society’s explosive situation and the escalating internal feuding among the ruling mullahs foretell of the “countdown” for the clerical regime in Iran. The unprecedented wave of public executions and the implementation of inhuman punishments such as stoning, eye-gouging and limb amputations have failed to thwart the expansion of popular protests and uprisings (numbering more than 1,000 just this year).

Iranian Resistance welcomes recalling of Canadian ambassador from Tehran

Iranian Resistance welcomes recalling of Canadian ambassador from Tehran and calls for firm international measures against widespread human rights violations in Iran

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, chairman of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee welcomed the decision by Mr. Bill Graham, the Foreign Minister of Canada, to recall Canada’s ambassador from Iran in protest to the Iranian regime’s refusal to allow representatives of the Canadian government to attend a show trial on Zahra Kazemi’s murder case.

Statement by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance

Image U.S. and Iraqi officials have reiterated that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq has undermined peace and stability in that country. Tehran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons have also aroused alarm in the world community. There are reports on the role of Tehran in the September 11 tragedy and international human rights organizations have pointed to the deterioration of human rights in Iran and the rise in public executions. A worldwide consensus has emerged on the need for a regime change in Iran.

A discredited political agenda

ImageHuman Rights Watch pushes a discredited political agenda under the smokescreen of a “human rights report”

- Procedure and sources used in the Human Rights Watch report on People's Mojahedin and its content unveil a political agenda serving the Iranian regime

- In flagrant breach of recognized norms of all human rights organizations, Human Rights Watch did not make any enquiries with the Mojahedin to substantiate its accusations
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