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European intelligence service's reports on mullahs Ministry of Intelligence and Security(MOIS) activities

The mullahs' regime's campaign against the Iranian opposition abroad is an issue well known to western intelligence communities. According to the western intelligence reports the main purposes of mullahs' intelligence activities abroad is to collect information about the opposition and harm the reputation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the Iranian Mojahedin. Following are a few examples:

Bfv, The German security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution
2002 - annual report (excerpts)

"The exiled opposition in Germany is still in the core of the surveillance activity of Iran's secret service, MOIS… MOIS, at present, is apparently focusing on defusing the opposition groups and their political activity. In this respect MOIS resorts to leading and financing propaganda against the opposition including those voiced by previous opponents of the regime. Like previous years Iran's secret service tries to enlist active or ex- members of opposition groups. This, in many instances, is taking place with intimidation of them or their families who are living in Iran."

Bfv, The German security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution
2000 - annual report (excerpts):

"The Iranian opposition in exile in Germany is in the core of the surveillance activities of MOIS. Various organizations and groups … are systematically under surveillance and scrutiny of this service. Yet the principal target is the most active and the most militarized opposition group… the PMOI and its political wing the NCRI who is working in an international level.
MOIS has apparently concentrated its efforts on defusing opposition groups and their political activities. In this respect MOIS resorts to leading and financing propaganda against NCRI including those voiced by previous opponents of the regime.
As in previous years the Iranian secret service tries to recruit active or ex-members of the opposition."
"… Regarding the suggestions about recruiting new members put forward by the MOIS branch in the embassy in Berlin, the MOIS center in Tehran will make the final decision. The more lenient travel conditions between Germany and Iran provide fine facilities for MOIS to contact and recruit new agents."

Bfv, The German security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution
1999 - annual report (excerpts):

"The principal objective of the Iranian secret service is still to fight the Iranian oppositionists. … the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and its political wing, the NCRI, are still at the top of the Intelligence Ministry's activities. To grapple against the activities of the opposition in exile, Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has established various cultural associations. These are cover agencies that work for MOIS and the Iranian regime. Other than this, MOIS tries to publish various publications, some in the name of those who introduce themselves as ex-members of the PMOI, in order to persuade the reader to retract from the organization.
For the purpose of cracking this organization, MOIS even encourages the supporters of PMOI or other Iranians to go to Iran to visit their families or to stay there. Then MOIS will talk to them directly and sometimes, with offering bribe or intimidating them or their families in Iran, will ask them to cooperate with the secret service and give the necessary information to this ministry."

Bfv, The German security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution
1997 - annual report (excerpts):

"One of the main tasks of the Iranian secret service is to keep an eye on Iranians living in Germany who oppose the regime. Its top priority is to keep surveillance on the People's Mojahedin of Iran and their political arm, the National Council of Resistance."

BVD - Dutch Interior Security Service
2001 - annual report (excerpts):

"Including in the duties of MOIS is the tracing and recognition of persons who have contacts with the opposition groups abroad. Supporters of the most important group i.e. Mojahedin-e Khalgh, are more then anyone else, and particularly, subject of attention of Iran's secret service. The Ministry of Intelligence tries to collect as much information about this organization as possible through "ex-members of the Mojahedin". Also, the agents of MOIS are instructed to distribute negative information about PMOI and its members. In this way, they attempt to weaken the organization and, in order to end their social and political movements, strive to portray a satanic view of the Mojahedin in host countries.

BVD - Dutch Interior Security Service
2000 - annual report (excerpts):

"… Iranian statesmen act harshly against the opposition groups. Most of their attention is directed towards ex-supporters of PMOI."

"Iran's secret service administers its tasks not only under cover of usual diplomatic means but also increasingly from inside of Iran. In this respect, they use secret service officers and those living abroad. These agents must attack and harm the Iranian opposition instantly."

BVD - Dutch Interior Security Service
1998 - annual report (excerpts):

"Still we see that Iranian secret service organizations are active in The Netherlands. The Iranian agents are determined to find members of opposition groups in order to destabilize their organizations. Especially considered are the present as well as past members of People's Mojahedin. Iran's secret service uses intimidation to obtain Iranians' cooperation."

"It has been observed that, in the past period, the control of Iran's secret forces has been shifted to inside of Iran. Contacts are increasingly being made directly from Tehran and/or by secret service officers who introduce themselves as, for example, businessmen." In the succeeding year BVD reported: "Mojahedin-e Khalgh (PMOI), Iran's most important opposition organization has representative in The Netherlands…in the west Mohjahedin's activities are limited to arranging demonstrations and providing written and oral information."

"… Iranian officials are still confronting the opposition group with severity. An important job of Iran's secret service organizations is tracing and enlisting the opposition members abroad, especially past and present members of MEK (PMOI)."

"Iran's secret activities are usually administered from inside Iran. If necessary they use traveling secret agents. Iranians living in Europe are ordered to take actions that harm the opposition groups and destabilize them. One method used is printing and distribution of literature harming a particular opposition organization..."
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