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Iran's 'Democracy'

ImageThese election results as the regime's attempt to tighten its control and to present a united, hard-line front as it sprints to develop the bomb under cover of the talks.

A rigged election, no reformist victory.
The Wall Street Journal

The most astonishing aspect of Friday's presidential vote in Iran is not that the elections will go into a second round but that Tehran managed to convince so many in the West that this is a real demonstration of democracy.

Iran's Message: No More Nice Guys

ImageIf Mr. Rafsanjani should win, he will play diplomatic games with the U.S. and Europe. He will probably be even more skillful than Mr. Khatami has been in stringing along the European triumvirate -- Blair, Chirac and Schrِder.

The Wall Street Journal

Whoever wins an electoral runoff and becomes Iran's new president, the news won't be good, either for Iranians or Americans and Europeans disturbed about the regime's quest for nuclear weaponry. The country's ruling mullahs blatantly displayed their muscle, and vote-rigging skills, in last Friday's initial vote. That suggests that they are no longer interested in creating even the illusion of political moderation.

Front-Runner in Iran Finds Students to Be a Tough Audience

ImageAt one point, Mr. Rafsanjani, a former two-term president, said he was one of the nation's first reformers, and the room burst into laughter.

New York Times

TEHRAN - Aides to Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani initially said he would not be making any appearances in the final days before the presidential runoff on Friday against the conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.But as Mr. Rafsanjani's campaign seemed to stall, he decided to visit Tehran University on Tuesday afternoon to help drum up votes.

Iran smuggling graphite compound for nukes

By Louis Charbonneau
VIENNA, May 20 (Reuters) - Iran has been using front companies to skirt international export controls and purchase a graphite compound that can be used in nuclear and conventional arms, an Iranian exile said on Friday.

Iran Said to Be Smuggling Nuclear Matter

Dissident, Diplomat Say Iran Appears to Be Smuggling Graphite for Nuclear Purposes


May. 20, 2005 (The Associated Press)- Iran is circumventing international export bans on sensitive dual-use materials by smuggling graphite and a graphite compound that can be used to make conventional and nuclear weapons, an Iranian dissident and a senior diplomat said Friday.

European Police investigates Iran's secret agents

Early in the year 2000, after the escalation of activities of the agents of MOIS in various western countries, the police in these countries interviewed many of them and warned them against their relations with the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence.

Dissidents’ families targeted

The mullahs Ministry Of Intelligence Services(MOIS) routinely harasses and intimidates dissidents outside Iran by exerting pressure on their families inside the country. In most cases, the MOIS compels the families to contact their children abroad to urge them to discontinue their anti-regime activities and refrain from supporting the PMOI or the NCRI. In other cases, the MOIS has arrested families of exiled Iranians to force them to take a position against the Resistance or collaborate with the regime.

The clerical regime's disinformation agencies

The clerical regime has invested greatly on disinformation campaigns and demonizing strategies against the Iranian Resistance and set up an elaborate apparatus to implement it. The Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), the ICCO, the Foreign and Islamic Guidance ministries and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) are all involved in psychological warfare against the PMOI.

Recruiting Agents

Those who are actively engaged in the mullahs’ dirty campaign against the Iranian Resistance abroad are from several origins. The common denomination for all of them is that they are now working for the mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry.

Front associations for disseminating false propaganda against the Resistance

Forming cultural associations to disseminate false propaganda against the Iranian Resistance is another MOIS tactic. These associations are purported not to be in contact with the regime and in fact even criticize it.  One such association is Damavand Cultural Association, which uses a Canadian address...

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