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The Human Rights Watch report serves Iranian regime to further stifle any dissen

ImageUS Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri wrote a letter on June 2nd to the director of Human Rights Watch, describing its report as a service to the Iranian regime to further stifle any dissent. In his letter to the New York based organization, Mr. Clay wrote: "I wish to add my voice to those who have expressed concerns about a recent HRW report regarding several anonymous individuals, who claim to be former members of the Iranian Mujahedeen (MEK), and who have made claims that they were mistreated by that organization.

Iranian authorities' intervention with the United Nations officials


Iranian authorities constantly and increasingly interven with the United Nations officials to have the Iranian activists banned from the United Nations

Backed by prominent jurists and personalities, numerous NGO’s, having a consultative status with the UN, strongly condemn the political pressures and manipulation by the Iranian Government aimed at having human rights activists banned from the United Nations’ bodies

Press conference in Geneva condemns a decision by the UN to “bow down to the mul

ImageEventsGeneva, Jun. 16 – An international rights group led by the former First Lady of France held a press conference in Geneva on Tuesday to denounce what it called “a conspiracy by the Iranian regime” to prevent victims of its human rights abuses from presenting their cases to the United Nations.

100,000 French citizens announce support for the President-elect, Maryam Rajavi

ImageEventsOn the second anniversary of a raid by French police on the offices of the National council of Resistance of Iran, a petition signed by more than 100,000 French citizens, calling on their government to cease pressures on the National Council of Resistance of Iran and its President-elect, Maryam Rajavi, was unveiled at a press conference in Paris organised by the Human Rights League.

Jean-Pierre Dubois, the new head of HRL said that the signatories were primarily from France’s Val d’Oise province, north of Paris, and that they condemned the events of 17 June 2003.

June 18th Resolution

ImageDear compatriots
Honorable French citizens
Distinguished guests,

We gathered here as yesterday, the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people demonstrated their resolve for the overthrow of the clerical regime through their decisive boycott of the presidential election masquerade.

Exiles urge world not to recognise Iran election

ImageEvents"Did you hear that Iranian people said loud and clear that they rejected the religious dictatorship?" Maryam Rajavi said.

PARIS, June 18 (Reuters) - An exiled Iranian opposition leader dismissed Iran's presidential election as a sham on Saturday and urged foreign leaders not to recognise the vote.

The sanctity of human rights must be safeguarded

Political SupportIn a conference, in British Parliament, several Parliamentarians released a joint statement condemning the Human Rights Watch Report's on People Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) and called for removal of the PMOI from the list of terrorist organizations.

Press conference in Geneva

Image Geneva

In a press conference in Geneva, Behzad Naziri, a member of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee, described the shocking footage of public hangings in Iran as the tip of the iceberg of the human rights situation in Iran. He emphasized that the EU’s approach to the clerical regime has only encouraged the clerics to intensify suppression in Iran.

Press conference in Washington DC

ImageWashington DC
In a press briefing at the National Press Club on May 26, attorneys for Camp Ashraf residents, their relatives and some former PMOI activists who now live in the West refuted the allegations against the PMOI in Human Rights Watch’s report.
Professor Steven Schneebaum and Ronald Precup rejected the HRW report on the PMOI, calling it "procedurally flawed and substantively incorrect."
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