Number of executions since regime’s sham elections reaches 308
NCRI - Waves of executions ripple throughout Iran and no region of the country is safe from murderous rulers’ brutality and suppression. Only during the last 10 days, the following executions have been recorded:

On October 26, in the city of Zahedan, 16 Baluchi political prisoners were executed. On the same day, a political Baluchi prisoner was hanged in the city of Hamedan’s prison, and another Baluchi political prisoner was executed on the following day in Khorram-abad’s Barsiloun prison.

Also, in prisons in Urumiah and Salmas, 2 Kurdish political prisoners were executed on October 26.

In the city of Saqqez, a Kurdish political prisoner was executed on November 4.

Six prisoners were executed on November 4 in prisons in Kerman and Bam.

In Rasht, 3 prisoners were hanged on November 1-2.

In Kermanshah province, 3 prisoners were executed on October 31st and November 3rd in Dizelabad prison. Regime’s prosecutor in Kermanshah also reported execution of 5 other prisoners in that same prison but did not announce the dates of the executions.

In Urumiah, 11 prisoners, including 2 women, were hanged on October 30th and another woman on October 26th.

On October 30th, in Gohardasht prison, a man and a woman named Mitra Shahnavazi were executed. Regime’s henchmen hanged Mitra Shahnavazi while she was seriously ill.

In the city of Shiraz, 3 prisoners were hanged on October 30th. On the same day, another prisoner was hanged in the Karun prison in Ahwaz.

Accordingly, only in the last 10 days, the number of executions reached 55, of which at least 20 were officially considered political prisoners. Of course, it is a known routine in the mullahs’ regime to execute political prisoners under the pretense of hanging regular offenders or drug dealers.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described suppression, torture, and executions as the common factors shared by all factions and bands of the regime, and the necessity for regime’s survival and said: propaganda about balance and moderation in the barbarism ruling Iran has no goals other than deceiving the world community or making excuses for making deals and appeasing this medieval regime.

She called on the international community to firmly condemn the systematic violations of human rights in Iran, especially the arbitrary and group executions, and said: Silence and inaction vis-à-vis this regime is helping it continue and intensify its crimes. The only way is to refer regime’s crimes to the UN Security Council and have its leaders stand trial and be punished for crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 5, 2013


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