Thursday, January 21, 2021

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A Glance at Iran’s Human Rights Violations in 2020

  The people of Iran faced rising human rights violations in different forms by the clerical regime throughout 2020. The following is a summary of...


EDITORIAL – Iran: Execution and Suppression, Mullah’s Regime Means To Hold on To Power

The regime in Tehran hanged three prisoners on Sunday, including two political prisoners, in Zahedan northeast Iran, bringing the number of executions in just...

In focus

Iran regime’s economic deadlock, paradox, and a restive society

The Iranian regime's economy is a complicated yet failing structure. In other words, the regime's nature, economic policies, and institutionalized corruption are clear indicators of...

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Iran’s Poverty and Misery Index Grow Rapidly Due To the Regime’s Mismanagement

The regime’s economic mismanagement and institutionalized corruption have devastated Iran’s economy, pushing more Iranians into the swamp of poverty and misery. According to a new...

Setting the reord straight

Parroting Iran Regime’s Propaganda Against the MEK

“Trump’s Former Top Intel Adviser Has Become a Key Source of Disinformation,” (Mother Jones, November 2, 2020), amounts to nothing more than regurgitating the...

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