NCRI - The anti-human clerical regime in Iran hanged three young Sunni Baluchi political prisoners on Saturday, April 26, in the city of Zabol (Sistan & Baluchistan Province). Ali Dahmardeh, 20, Eman Galwi, 20, and Omid Peeri, 23, were condemned to death in the mullahs’ sham courts without any fair judicial process on the charge of assassinating Zabol’s atrocious Public Prosecutor, and the verdict was approved within days by the mullahs’ Supreme Court.

During their five months of detention in Zahedan’s Intelligence Department, these three political prisoners faced severe torture to extract forced confessions. The signs of torture were visible on their bodies, making them unable to walk, lie down or sit.

Additionally, two prisoners in Zahedan’s central prison named as Mojtaba Nouri and Ali Doniyadideh, and a third prisoner, were hanged in public in the city of Semnan on April 24 and 26.

In another barbaric act, the regime’s henchmen flogged a young man in public in the city of Birjand (South Khorassan Province, eastern Iran) in April 27. A security forces official said of the punishment: “The police confront those who disrupt public order or security without any forgiveness and will show no mercy in this regard.”

While the raid by the suppressive forces on political prisoners has raised public abhorrence, when soaring inflation and poverty have put people under enormous pressure, and at a time when Mullah Rouhani's empty promises are being exposed to the world, the clerical regime has found the only way to thwart the expansion of protests, especially in the deprived regions, is the escalation of suppression and executions, particularly carried out in public.

Silence and inaction on part of the international community regarding the criminal executions in Iran have emboldened the religious dictatorship ruling Iran to continue and intensify massacres, the systematic and brutal violation of human rights and executions which have topped 700 during Hassan Rouhani’s time in office.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 28, 2014


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