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NCRI - Coincident with International Workers' Day, many Iranian cities witnessed labor demonstrations and protests.

Ahwaz Pipe Factory workers in Ahwaz began to march from 8:30 am to gather in front of the Governorate office. The workers whose numbers have been increasing every minute, carried placards reading "Deprived workers in Khuzestan Pipe factory have not been paid for 6 years" and "Deprived workers in the Ahwaz City Hall have not been paid for 5 years." State Security Forces agents surrounded the march in order to prevent the spread of protests.

In Sanandaj, workers of the union of textile factories and the union of bakers staged a protest in Cyrus Street and chanted anti-government slogans. Some bakers in Sanandaj went on strike and refused to open their shops. Zahed Banafshi, Shirkoo Kurdi, Hamid Tali Moradi, Farzad Hossein Panahi and Mohammad Latifi, are among the detainees of the International Workers’ Day in Sanandaj.

In Khorramabad workers with placards on which it was written, "We want the rights of our spouses and children", “My child has been sick for a few months, where is justice?" rallied. Security Forces prevented them from taking videos and photos from this rally.

By the massive presence of security forces in the main square of the city of Qom, any form of assembly of workers was prevented. The Ministry of Intelligence in a letter had notified the managers of factories and workshops to avoid shutting down their factories and workshops and to oppose and any requests for leave by the workers. They have affirmed that anybody who has slightly objected will be immediately be fired.

Kaveh Paper mill workers in Saveh, were gathered in front of the governor’s office.

Minoo confectionery factory workers in Zanjan, on Wednesday April 30, gathered in front of the Governor’s office and called for their job security.

Labor Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 1, 2014

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