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Iran: Your Recent Remarks, Smell of Sedition and Fire, Former Parliamentarian Warns Rouhani


NCRI – You did step in a path that does nothing but damage to the establishment and yourself. In a letter on Wednesday, May 10th Ahmad Tavakoli, a former member of Iran’s parliament from Khamenei’s faction warned Hassan Rouhani, and stated: I sincerely warned Mr. Rouhani that since you’re simultaneously an incumbent president and a presidential nominee, if you care about this system, it is not in the national interest to say some words.

Additionally Ahmad Tavakoli went on to warn Rouhani that, far more than possible short-term benefits, are the long – term disadvantages of these remarks for you, and that will position you at the beginning of a path that some of your predecessors were, with the same wrong perception.

Then, Tavakoli adds: These words will put the country on a track of sedition to smell fire and sabotage, we have hardly healed from the wounds inflicted on us by populist promises and revolt against law and system which was created in 2009 (uprising).  

He then pointed to the responsibilities of Rouhani in the regime and wrote: Due to multiple posts you have had since beginning of the revolution up to now, any untrue statements about defense policy and judiciary in the past, etc. could be used as a testament by the opposition against the system and these lead to further limitations and actions against the system and oppressed people; Because, these statements are expressed by a sitting president.