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Iran: Tension Escalates at the Top of Iran Regime, Right After the Sham Election


NCRI – Attacking Hassan Rouhani following his victory in regime’s presidential election, the Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency writes on May 20, 2017 “it’s Rouhani’s skill to communicate the Sex Segregation Directive to organizations and offices, meanwhile explicitly announce that he’s against sex segregation, accusing his rivals of trying to set up walls between women and men.”

“This is Rouhani’s art to threaten women refusing to wear Hijab and call in his parliamentary speech for execution of dissidents in Friday prayer places”, says the Revolutionary Guards’ news agency, “and at the same time accuse the regime of 38 years of execution and violation of social freedoms.”

“When Rouhani found out that his performance in the past four years is not going to bring him any votes”, adds Fars, “he decided to condemn (mass) execution (of MKO members) and use Khomeini’s relatives, Javad Zarif, and Mohammad Khatami in his campaign.”

The news agency then points out that in order to win the election, Rouhani didn’t hesitate to claw at regime’s face, threaten national unity, raise dozens of non-nuclear-intensifying human rights issues, and bring Hashemi Rafasnajani out of his tomb, among other measures.

“Despite claiming to lift non-nuclear sanctions”, Revolutionary Guards’ news agency continues, “Rouhani as a senior official raised dozens of such human rights issues as lack of freedom for women, youth and students as well as death penalty and imprisonment, because of which non-nuclear sanctions might be intensified. He deceived voters big time, attacking the public broadcasting and the judiciary so as divert attention away from his empty hands and future plans.”

“Regime’s forces will from now on address Rouhani with such titles as ‘his Excellency Rouhani’, ‘Mr. Rouhani’, and ‘Dr. Rouhani’, but as a precaution, they will never call him ‘Hojjat al-Eslam Rouhani’”, says the news agency.

Meanwhile, Revolutionary Guardsman and head of plainclothes militias ‘Saeid Ghasemi’ has said “it’s been unprecedented that someone in the shape of a president wearing clerical clothing tells150 lies in front of the camera and people’s eyes and then denies everything, saying ‘when or where did I say that?’ This is one of revolution’s biggest harms never seen before.”