Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Paris: Dignitaries from Across the Globe Call for Regime Change in Iran at Opposition Rally


NCRI – This weekend, outside of Paris, a huge gathering was held, where tens of thousands of expat Iranians joined hundreds of dignitaries from the Arab World, the United States and Europe and stood alongside the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its President Maryam Rajavi to voice their demand for a better future through regime change in Tehran, and to condemn Iran’s meddling throughout the Middle East.

Mrs. Rajavi was the keynote speaker on Saturday. She urged the international community to recognize the NCRI as representatives of the Iranian people, and to stand with the Iranian people’s call for regime change.

An important voice from the Arab World made a significant statement. “The Iranian people are the first victims of Khomeini’s dictatorship,” said Turki Faisal, former Saudi ambassador in the United States and United Kingdom. “Your effort in challenging this regime is legitimate and your resistance for the liberation of the Iranian people of all ethnicities, including Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis, Turks and Fars of the mullahs’ evil, as Mrs. Rajavi said, is a legitimate struggle.”

That the Middle East is united in its position against Iran’s aggression, was proven by the participation of numerous Arab delegations that included many former and current officials from more than a dozen regional countries. These delegations represent of hundreds of millions of people, and their speeches reflected that they’ve had enough of the Iranian regime’s support for terrorism. After four decades of Tehran’s meddling across the region, these nations are supporting the NCRI platform, and are advocating for regime change.

Maryam Rajavi said, at Saturday’s convention, “Our people want a constitution based on freedom, democracy and equality. The time has come for the international community to heed the demands of the people of Iran.”

She also highlighted the fact that the roots of Tehran’s foreign wars are found in its domestic crises. “Out of the past 38 years, the mullahs were engaged in war with Iraq for eight years, have been at war with the people of Syria for six years, and have pursued confrontation with the international community for more than ten years to build an atomic bomb. The Iranian Resistance is proud that it has stood up to the mullahs’ religious fascism in all these three spheres: It has been the flag-bearer of peace and freedom; it has been a vanguard in defending the people of Syria, and it has led the way for a non-nuclear Iran.”

Mrs. Rajavi continued, “We have welcomed the statements made at the Arab, Islamic, American Summit in Riyadh against the Iranian regime’s terrorist and destabilizing activities. Nevertheless, we emphasize that the ultimate solution to the crisis in the region and confronting groups like ISIS, is the overthrow of the Iranian regime by the Iranian people and Resistance.”

She also stated that the most important changes needed are the people’s demands for freedom and democracy, and put forward these three points:
1. The NCRI must be recognized by the international community as the sole legitimate voice representing Iranian people.
2. There must be an end to the policy of engagement and appeasement regarding Tehran.
3. A strong position of standing shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people’s desire for regime change must be established

The messages from politicians and high-profile figures from the United States and Europe gave more weight to the Iranian people’s demand for regime change.

American dignitaries including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Governor Ed Rendell and of dozens of other political and military officials gave their support, which represented a rare bipartisan initiative.

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani said, “You, I, my government and your leadership, we see Iran in exactly the same way. The regime is evil and it must go. #FreeIran.”

“I think it’s fair to say that the Trump administration has much fewer illusions about the nature of the Iranian dictatorship. I think it’s fair to say that Secretary of Defense Mattis in his years in the Central Command understands exactly who the Iranian dictatorship is…I think it’s fair to say that the National Security Advisor, General McMaster, in his years of service in the Middle East, knows exactly who the Iranian dictatorship is,” said former US presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

Iran has experienced a series of setbacks following last month’s Riyadh Summit. That, along with the US continuing its evaluation of its comprehensive Iran policy, bode ill for the future of the regime in Tehran.