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Iran – The Untold Story Podcast: Dr. Hanifeh Khayyeri Shares Her Experience About Iran’s Resistance

Dr. Hanifeh Khayyeri, the vice president of the Research Institute for Sweden, is not just a distinguished scholar but also a fervent human rights and women’s rights activist. Born to a Chinese mother and an Iranian father, both members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), her unique heritage and upbringing have profoundly shaped her worldview.

Reflecting on her childhood, Dr. Khayyeri shared that her mother’s involvement in a struggle for a nation not her own deeply impacted her understanding of freedom and human rights. “It taught me that the fight for these ideals transcends borders,” she said, emphasizing the universal nature of these principles.

Raised in the United Kingdom, Dr. Khayyeri initially sought to distance herself from her parents’ activities. However, through various life experiences and introspection, she found herself drawn to the Iranian Resistance movement. She discovered a renewed purpose in their mission, realizing the profound impact their struggle has on millions of lives.

Dr. Khayyeri’s advocacy extends robustly into women’s rights. She highlights the pivotal role women play within the Iranian Resistance movement and the broader national uprising against the Iranian regime. Female leaders within the movement exemplify courage, she remarks, underscoring the importance of demonstrating that Islam can stand apart from the extremist ideologies perpetrated by the Iranian regime.

She also delved into the clerical regime’s tactics, particularly its strategic use of the “divide and conquer” rule to thwart unity among the Iranian people. Additionally, Dr. Khayyeri pointed out how the regime exploits the remnants of the overthrown dictatorship of the Shah within the Iranian society to sow confusion and division among those advocating for change.

In discussing the future, Dr. Khayyeri expressed confidence in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)’s Ten-Point Plan. She believes it is essential for guiding Iran through the tumultuous period following the regime’s potential downfall. The plan, she asserts, is designed to steer the country away from chaos and towards stability and democratic governance.

In conclusion, Dr. Khayyeri calls on the global community to recognize the perseverance of the Iranian Resistance. At its core, she notes, the movement is deeply rooted in respect for humanitarian values, sacrifice, and honesty in their path to freedom and democracy in Iran.

Iran: The Untold Story Podcast with Dr. Hanifeh Khayyeri