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Iran: Mullahs’ successive defeats

Iran: Mullahs' successive defeatsNCRI – Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, congratulated Iranians in and out of Iran on the advent of Nowrouz, the Iranian New Year and expressed the hope that freedom would soon prevail in Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi described some 4,100 demonstrations and protests inside Iran, including the uprisings in Khuzistan and Kurdistan, the courageous strike by Tehran’s transit workers, the “Fire Festival” demonstrations nationwide, the Dervishes’ uprising in Qom, and women’s widespread and continuing protests as indications of the Iranian people’s resolve to topple the anti-human regime.

She noted that last year was one of continuing defeats for the mullahs’ regime in its confrontation with the triumphant resistance of the Iranian people, emphasizing that by virtue of their unprecedented perseverance, members and supporters of the Resistance in and out of the country, especially the freedom fighters in Ashraf City, neutralized the conspiracies of the clerical regime to destroy the resistance movement.

“Finally after three years of appeasing the blood-thirsty dictatorship in Iran, its the nuclear dossier was referred to the Security Council and the world testified to the futility of the policy of conciliation with the mullahs,” Mrs. Rajavi added.

“At the same time, the regime’s efforts to gain control over Iraq and to establish a puppet Islamic Republic in that country by influencing the parliamentary elections failed,” she said, underscoring, “the active participation of a majority Iraqis in the elections had put the prospects for the formation of a national unity government encompassing all political tendencies and currents in that country within reach.”

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that in the past year, in several statements, thousands of distinguished lawmakers and the elected representatives of millions of people in Europe as well as the most pre-eminent international jurists and lawyers underlined the need to remove the terrorist label from the main Iranian Resistance movement, the People’s Mojahedin and described the terror tag as lacking any legal, political, and ethical legitimacy.

The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect recalled that the solution to the Iranian problem was neither appeasement nor a foreign war but democratic change by relying on the Iranian people and Resistance.  To this end, Mrs. Rajavi said, “the terrorist label, which has acted as the main obstacle to democratic change, should be removed from the Mojahedin and the right of the Iranian people to resist the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship should be recognized.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 20, 2006