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Maryam Rajavi calls on Iranian youths to rise up in solidarity with protesting teachers


Criminal religious dictatorship is source of all problems; overthrow regime to end nation’s overwhelming calamity

NCRI – The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi hailed Iranian teachers who have arisen once again all across the country in protest to discrimination, fraud and repression, despite government’s massive intimidations and clampdown.

Mrs. Rajavi lauded the teachers’ perseverance to gain their rights and called on Iranian youths and college and high school students to join in to spread the protests in solidarity with the country’s teachers.

The mullahs’ supreme leader Khamenei implied yesterday that the teachers’ protests were “conspiracies of the enemies and vengeful people against the Islamic regime” adding that “they make trouble for the state by bringing up intriguing slogans questioning the regime’s policies under the pretext of teachers’ earnings.”

In the meantime, the regime’s suppressive forces resorted to various forms of intimidation, arrests and warnings in person and on telephone against large numbers of teachers in the capital and other cities to dissuade them from participating in the nationwide demonstration planned for May 7.

Having entered its second year, the Iranian teachers’ protest movement today filled cities across the country with chants of:
“Free imprisoned teachers”;
“Conscious teachers shun discrimination”;
“Poverty line=3million, our salaries=1million”;
“Hire contract and wage-earning teachers and instructors”;
“Teachers cry out, media censor”.

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that the source of all problems is the mullahs’ criminal and corrupt religious dictatorship that spends Iranian people’s wealth on domestic repression and support for terrorism and fundamentalism abroad.

Poverty, inflation, corruption, unemployment and the unprecedented calamity that has overwhelmed the lives of Iranians will only terminate when this anti-human regime is toppled and democracy and national sovereignty is established in Iran, Mrs. Rajavi concluded.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 7, 2015


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