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Execution of 6 Prisoners on Thursday, 41 Executions in the Last 11 Days and 146 Executions in May


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Khamenei’s strategy to suppress public anger and dissent by resorting to the execution of prisoners is rapidly intensifying. On Thursday, June 1, six prisoners were hanged by Khamenei’s executioners in Kahnuj, Kashan, and Isfahan prisons. Among them were two Baluch compatriots, Aria Parvizi and Ashkan Sohrabi, who met their untimely fate in Kahnuj prison, while Rasul Sheikh Arpanahi and Nemat Arzani were executed in Kashan prison. Additionally, Aqeel Arab and another inmate were hanged in Dastgerd prison in Isfahan. Prior to this, on May 25, Ali Mohammad Zera’at and Esmail Nasiri were executed in Shiraz. These recent acts of brutality bring the total number of executions in the past 11 days to 41 individuals. Furthermore, the grim tally for May 2023 alone stands at no fewer than 146 executions.

Amidst these criminal executions and the widespread revulsion they have sparked, the mullahs’ regime orchestrated a shameless spectacle in an attempt to deceive the international community. Under the guise of a 36-member delegation, the regime’s judicial news agency, Mizan, reported yesterday that “ambassadors of 28 countries and representatives of international organizations visited Tehran Women’s Penitentiary, exploring various sections.” It deliberately refrained from disclosing the participating countries’ names, as they are likely to be known human rights violators who consistently vote in favor of the regime and against the Iranian people when it comes to United Nations resolutions condemning the regime’s crimes.

Gharibabadi, the regime’s vice-president of the judiciary, impudently declared, “The women’s penitentiary was specifically chosen to allow foreign guests to witness the diverse and unparalleled services and facilities provided to female prisoners, fostering a genuine understanding of Islamic prison principles.” However, these orchestrated charades cannot conceal the medieval brutality inflicted by religious fascism on prisoners, particularly political prisoners, and women.

The Iranian Resistance, with its four-decade struggle, has consistently exposed the regime’s human rights abuses, inhumane tortures, and the regime’s deceptive staging within prisons. Once again, it urgently calls for the United Nations Independent Investigation Commission to visit the mullahs’ regime’s prisons and torture centers, engaging in dialogue with the prisoners, especially women and political prisoners, in the presence of representatives of the Iranian Resistance.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

June 2, 2023