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IRAN: Brutal sentence of amputation of leg and hand of two prisoners in Mashhad prison


Dossier of the Iranian regime’s crimes must be referred to the Security Council and its leaders must face justice in international courts

NCRI – The Iranian resistance called on the international community particularly the European Union, the United States and all human rights defenders to strongly condemn the brutal amputation of leg and hand of two prisoners in Mashhad Central prison and emphasized that the continuation of the crimes of the mullahs’ inhuman regime including the continuation and increase of arbitrary and mass executions, that last week amounted to 50 counts, and cruel punishments such as amputation of legs and hands of prisoners must be referred to the UN Security Council and the leaders of this regime must face justice. The actions of the Supreme Leader, the President, the Speaker of the Parliament, the Judiciary Chief and other leaders of the regime in the past 37 years are the most prominent examples of crimes against humanity in the world today.

Two prisoners were sentenced to amputation of one leg and one hand for stealing 129 million tomans (about 37,000 US dollars) from a bank. The sentence for one of the prisoners was carried out on August 3 in the central prison of Mashhad and sentence of the other is to be carried out soon.

The clerical regime’s henchmen in this prison amputated the hands of two young prisoners for stealing. One of the victims was a 26-year-old man who was sentenced to amputation of his fingers for “tilting the window guard railings”, “breaking the closet door” and “breaking the fence” of a house.

The religious fascism ruling Iran that the Iranian people call as the “Godfather of ISIS”, inflicts suffering to the victims by such brutal punishments while legendary wealth and multi-billion dollar embezzlement and stealing of the regime’s leaders and officials, which are obtained by the plundering of the coffers of the country and the people’s resources, is the subject of constant infighting within the regime bands. In this regard, Zakani, a Member of Parliament of the regime, called one count of the plunderings of Zangane, Oil Minister of Rouhani, as a “national disaster” and said “our loss in this case is expected to be between 14 to 30 billion dollars” (News Network state-TV -August 3).

Surrounded by social and economic crises, Khamenei, who was forced to sign the nuclear agreement by withdrawing from his red lines, is seeking to intimidate workers, teachers, nurses and other desperate segments of the society … and to prevent their uprising.

Expecting moderation from the bloodthirsty mullahs ruling Iran is only a mirage, and any type of engagement and dealing with the Iranian regime is absolutely unacceptable from the Iranian people’s viewpoint, and must be made contingent upon a halt to executions and improvement of the situation of human rights in Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 4, 2015


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