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Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 15,500 in 237 Cities

Over 15,500 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran-Iran Coronavirus Death Toll per PMOI MEK sources
Over 15,500 dead of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran-Iran Coronavirus Death Toll per PMOI MEK sources

NCRI-50-1The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced this afternoon, April 1, 2020, that the fatalities of Coronavirus have risen to more than 15,500 in 237 cities across Iran. The number of victims in East Azerbaijan is 200, Alborz 620, Isfahan 1560, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 50, Khorasan Razavi 1205, Khuzestan 660, Fars 260, Qazvin 260, Qom 1650, Kurdistan 260, Kerman 180, Kermanshah 415, Golestan 750, Gilan 1460, Lorestan 420, Central Province 250, and Hamadan 315.

Despite the horrifying dimensions of the Coronavirus tragedy all over Iran, today, Hassan Rouhani added to his astronomical lies by claiming that thousands of beds remain unused in intensive care Units (ICU). While claiming the regime’s “social distancing” the plan was superior to the quarantines in China, Europe, and the United States, he declared, “Coronavirus infection has gone down in all provinces without exception since yesterday.” Rouhani added, “While industrialized, advanced, and boastful countries have failed in this experiment, we are maintaining a good posture due to good and coherent management and skilled medical work.”

Furious over the disclosure of the facts and figures about the Coronavirus catastrophe in Iran, Rouhani, deceitfully stated, “The nation has given a decisive response to the enemies and liars, but they are continuing their lies.” Despite Rouhani’s duplicity, however, Saeed Namaki, regime’s Health Minister, acknowledged, “We should not have any illusions; we are still not in the phase to control the spread of the virus. We are in the phase of managing the disease. Whenever we reach a point to be able to contain the virus, we will make that public.”

Furthermore, Alireza Zali, in charge of Tehran’s Coronavirus Combat Headquarters, warned about the danger of a ” Corona outburst in Tehran.” Describing the situation as being unsatisfactory, he said, “There are no districts in Tehran that have stayed immune to the disease.” He shamelessly blamed the people and warned, “We should put aside soft talking and use coercive behavior in dealing with people.”

At the same time, Asadollah Abbasi, the regime’s deputy Parliament speaker, told the IRGC’s Qods Force-affiliated news agency, Tasnim yesterday, “Out of 100 MPs tested for Coronavirus, 23 test results tested positive, and about 40 were suspected of being infected.”

In another development, Dr. Adham Ismail, WHO’s representative in Iraq, told the state-run Al-Iraqiya TV, on March 30, “The first signs (of virus infection) in Iran were in Qom. The same day we decided to close the borders… In Iran, the situation became so (bad) that neither friends nor foe was happy… If Iran had not been infected with the Coronavirus, we in Iraq would not have had such a hard time. And if Iran had not been negligent and had cut off its flights to and from China, it would not have been infected. In addition to the election, worshippers continued to visit the holy city of Qom… Iran has transmitted the epidemic to 17 countries. If Iran had played no part in this crisis, there would not have been an outbreak in Iraq given the measures we had taken…There have been clear breaches in regulations related to commuting to Iran.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
April 1, 2020