Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Iran: Sixty Executions in One Month, 14 in 6 Days


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At least 60 prisoners were executed by the clerical regime within one month, from December 22, 2022, to January 20, 2023. The executions have stepped up in a bid to heighten the reign of repression to contain the explosive state in the country.

On January 22, three prisoners named Saman Nabi Grossi, Abolfazl Borghani, and Sabina Esmailzadeh, an architecture student who had been in jail for the past 6 years, were executed in Karaj Central Prison. On January 21, a prisoner named Ebrahim Dehghan was hanged in Tircheh Boluck prison in Borujerd.

On Wednesday, January 18, at least 8 prisoners were executed; Nima Vahidi, Akbar Sheikh Panahi and Omid Karimi in Isfahan Central Prison, Akbar Ahmadi and Ali Jalilvand, both of whom were fathers of four children, in Hamedan Prison, Qodrat Zubairam in Ilam Central Prison, Sharaf Khan Akbari and Another prisoner in Karaj Central Prison. On Tuesday, January 17, Kamel Dudkanlu, who had been in jail for the past 7 years, and Farhad Hosseini were hanged in Salmas prison.

On Saturday, January 21, a number of families and relatives of prisoners who have been sentenced to death protested outside the regime’s Judiciary in Tehran and demanded a halt in the implementation of death sentences.

Appeasement of the clerical regime in Iran, the record holder of executions in the world today, and delaying the comprehensive sanctions and terrorist designation of its leaders and suppressive institutions, amounts to trampling over the human rights values that had been established at the cost of tens of millions of victims. This regime must be rejected by the international community, its embassies must be closed down, its agents must be expelled, and its leaders must be brought to justice for four decades of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

January 23, 2022