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Iran: Transfer of Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi to Ward 8 of Tehran Prison

Call for immediate action for his release

The Iranian resistance calls on all international human rights organizations to take immediate action against making a new case file for the 66-year-old political prisoner Ali Moezzi and for his immediate and unconditional release.

Despite the fact that two years has passed since Mr. Moezzi’s finished sentence, the clerical regime is trying to prevent his release by a plot and a new filing. Ali Moezzi is the father of two Ashrafi PMOI members and one of the political prisoners of the 80’s who has been arrested several times and has been suffering from various diseases, including prostate cancer, obstruction and continuous hemorrhage, bladder tumors, kidney problems and many years of suffering from torture, but torturers have deprived him of essential health care.

Henchmen on Sunday, May 28, intended to take him to the court with a handcuff, shackle and prison garb, but he refused to go to the court in protest to this insulting behavior. Again, on June 19, he was under pressure to go to court under the same circumstances, but he refused to go to court again. Subsequently, henchmen transferred him from the ward six of Tehran prison to ward eight of this prison, whose health and livelihood conditions are far worse than other wards, and most prisoners with a criminal record are detained there.

On the basis of the very cruel verdicts of the regime’s courts, Ali Moezzi was due to be released in spring of 2015, but the clerical judiciary prevents his release by making successive cases under the excuse of “propaganda against the regime”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 20, 2017