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Mullahs’ regime expands crackdown on Dervishes

Mullahs’ regime expands crackdown on DervishesNCRI – Iranian Resistance urges all human rights organizations to condemn systematic discrimination and injustice against religious minorities

Following the takeover and demolition of the center and the mosque of the Nematollahi dervishes in Qom, the mullahs’ regime, plans to expand the crackdown on the dervishes to other parts of the country.

Last Friday, mullah Shah-Cheraghi, Supreme Leader Ali Khamanie’s representative in the Province of Semnan (central Iran), said, “The presence of dervishes in the province is a problem that needs to be solved.” He added, “The order for demolition of their building has been issued but nothing has been done yet.”

A number of clerics, who have for years been involved in the torture and murder of the Iranian people, have issued fatwa to wipe out the Dervishes by declaring them dangerous to Islam and calling for their suppression.

Two agents, Shahshahani and Salahshouri, played a key roll in directing the barbaric attack on the Dervishes in Qom. The security forces were dispatched to Qom from Tehran and other cities to take part in the assault in Qom, which resulted in the arrest of over 2000 Dervishes,.

An eyewitness to the crackdown wrote, “The regime agents’ cruelty and brutality was unbelievable. A woman with her newborn in her arms was standing next to me. Her baby fell to the ground after an agent attacked her. I ran and picked up the baby. The poor child was chocking for inhaling teargas. All of the sudden they also attacked me and one of them took the baby and through him into the sewer like a piece of cloth. The next day, when they were demolishing the houses and the mosque, they also threw out all furniture into the street and set them on fire.”

The Iranian Resistance urges all human rights organizations to condemn the crackdown on the Nematollahi Dervishes and the systematic discrimination against all religious minorities. In a bid to maintain its grip on power, parallel to continuing the export terrorism and fundamentalism and working to acquire nuclear weapons, the clerical regime has also stepped up the violations of human rights and the suppression of the Iranian people.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 20, 2006