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Demonstration of Angry People of Tabriz on the Ninth Day of Uprising

Iran Uprising -No. 37

Today, Friday, January 5th, on the ninth day of the uprising, Tabriz residents turned the football match between the Tabriz Tractorsazi team and Tehran Esteqlal team, which was held at the Sahand Stadium of Tabriz, to the scene of hatred against the mullahs’ regime. During the match, the crowd at the stadium chanted, “Feel shame Khameini, Let go of the country”, “Villain, Villain, cowardly Bassiji”, “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life (only) for Iran.” The people also chanted slogans in Turkish such as “Azerbaijan people do not accept humiliation.”

The mullahs’ regime cut off the Internet inside the stadium. The regime’s radio-television, which was broadcasting the match, stopped live broadcast when the people repeated the slogans. By throwing smoke grenades, the youth protested the TV for not broadcasting their voice.

On their way back from the stadium, people chanted “Death on Khamenei.” The riot police had stationed water-cannon trucks on their path, and a helicopter was continually flying over the people who were coming out of the stadium.

This massive demonstration took place despite the fact that the repressive forces had set up check points along the roads from Khoy, Urumia and Ardabil to Tabriz. They threatened the passengers in Ardebil and Urmia buses going to Tabriz to watch the match, and seized cell phones of some of them. At the entrance to the Sahand Stadium, the repressive forces had an intense presence, and by limiting the number of entrance doors and threatening the crowd, they tried to prevent the people from chanting slogans.

In fear of spreading the protests of the people of Tabriz during this match, the oppressive organs escalated repressive measures in Tabriz. Eight buses transferred riot guards from other towns to Valiasr garrison to replace them with indigenous soldiers in the garrison.

Even in the evening, protesting brave youths rallied on Abressan and Rah-e Ahan avenues and chanted “Death to Dictator.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 5, 2018