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Intense clashes in streets around Tehran University

 Nationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 104

Suppressive forces fire on demonstrators, dozens arrested

Eye witnesses report intense clashes between people and the suppressive forces in streets around Tehran University. The Revolutionary Guards and anti-riot forces are brutally attacking people using tear gas, truncheons and other means. Military helicopters are hovering over Tehran to spot the points where large crowds are forming and clashes taking place in order to dispatch reinforcements.

The Revolutionary Guards are seen firing on peaceful demonstrators and arresting many of them. Protestors who are mainly women are chanting, “Political prisoners must be freed,” “Hashemi, Hashemi, you are a traitor if you keep silent” and “Death to dictator.”

The people are planning to march toward Azadi Square at the end of the Friday prayers service. The suppressive forces have set up check points and are trying to prevent students from leaving to join the other protestors.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 17, 2009