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IRAN: Anti-regime protests held in Ahvaz


NCRI – Residents of the Iranian city of Ahvaz expressed their rage and loathing against the suppressive and discriminatory policies of the clerical regime in the southern province of Khuzestan by chanting anti-regime slogans following a soccer match in the city on Friday (3 April 2015).

The courageous people and youth in Ahvaz staged a demonstration inside and outside the stadium, as well as in the Ahwaz-Khorramshahr intersection in the city, after the soccer match between Foulad of Khuzestan and Tehran’s Estqbal teams.

The Iranian regime’s suppressive forces engaged with the protesting people around government institutions. The sound of shots being fired could be heard in these places from a distance.

Similarly, on March 17, following the soccer match between the Foulad of Khuzestan and Al-Helal of Saudi Arabia, people staged a large demonstration and expressed their loathing for the regime’s criminal and oppressive measures against the people of Khuzestan.

The angry crowd staged a large protest carrying signs reading “We are all Youness” to express their solidarity with Youness Asakereh, a petty seller who set himself on fire on March 13, 2015 in Ahvaz in protest against repressive measures by regime agents who had obstructed his toil.

Youness Asakereh later died on March 22 due to severe burns. His burial ceremony turned into another scene of protest and an expression of anger toward the clerical regime with a large number of people from various cities of Khuzestan participating in the event.

The people of Khuzestan province are suffering from poverty, unemployment and hunger while the province is one of the most productive and wealthy regions in Iran.

However, the enormous wealth of the Iranian people is being spent on suppression, export of terrorism, warmongering in the region, and ominous nuclear projects or is being plundered by the leaders of the clerical regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 4, 2015