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Iran: Baluch Youth Commemorate Zahedan Bloody Friday with Defiant Demonstrations and Strikes


NCRI logoGeneral Strike, Setting Fire, and Road Blockades by Rebellious Baluch Youth in Zahedan, Chabahar, Saravan, Dashtiari, Sefidab-e Nimruz, and More on the Anniversary of Zahedan Bloody Friday

Today, on Saturday, September 30, on the anniversary of the Zahedan Bloody Friday, merchants and traders in Zahedan, Chabahar, Saravan, Dashtiari, Sefidab-e Nimruz, and other cities have initiated a strike. The shared market in Zahedan remained completely closed. Simultaneously, courageous Baluch youth, during the night and today, illuminated the streets with fire and barricaded roads throughout various areas of Zahedan, paying homage to the martyrs of September 30th last year.

Repressive regime forces, who have expanded their presence in fear of the people’s uprising across Sistan and Baluchestan cities, have today established a presence at the Zahedan Grand Bazaar and besieged several areas, including Shirabad. They conducted raids on homes and detained several young individuals. Military helicopters soared over Zahedan.

Last night and this morning, brave Baluch youth in various parts of the city of Zahedan protested by erecting barricades and setting fires. The youth of Shirabad, Zahedan, took control of the roads by burning tires. The Zahedan-Khash highway, the Sarbaz-Chabahar transit route, the Iranshahr-Sarbaz road, and the Sarbaz-Kishkour road were blocked by fires.

Yesterday, courageous Baluch women participated in the Zahedan uprising, rallying with slogans such as “Death to the oppressive Khamenei” and “Death to the dictator.” On the same day, rebellious youth in Zahedan carried placards with inscriptions such as ” Bloodstained Zahedan will never accept monarchy  and theocracy,” “Zahedan’s Bloody Friday, a repetition of the Shah and Sheikh’s crimes,” “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Leader (Khamenei),” and “The cry of brave Baluchistan: Neither monarchy nor theocracy, democracy and equality.”

In the ruthless attack by repressive forces on yesterday’s protests in Zahedan, dozens of people, including several children, were injured. On the same day and night, repressive forces widely arrested Baluch compatriots in Zahedan, Khash, Rask, Taftan, Sooran, and Mirjaveh. The majority of those detained in Zahedan come from areas such as Karimabad, Shirabad, Madarres, Keshavarz, Khayyam, Khorramshahr, Kowsar, and Be’that.

Despite the regime’s claims that the September 30th massacre anniversary was held peacefully, Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the Quds Force, admitted yesterday that “only a few security forces are stationed on Khayyam Street… a few individuals gathered and threw stones at security forces… security personnel managed the situation with aerial shooting and the launch of tear gas… in some peripheral areas of the city, which are not major thoroughfares, youths lit tires, but they dispersed quickly with the arrival of the police.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

September 30, 2023