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Iran Nationwide Uprising –72 Day


Iran Protest-No. 159

NCRI logoStrikes, sit-ins in universities and factories, Zahedan Bazar’s strike, arrest of Balouch citizens

On Saturday, November 26, marking the 72nd day of the uprising, the bazaar merchants of Zahedan went on strike in protest to the violent suppression of the November 25 demonstration. The suppressive forces continue to arrest Balouch citizens. The victims of yesterday’s crackdown in Zahedan are living in dire conditions. They are deprived of basic facilities such as gas and antiseptics for dressing their wounds, and pharmacies have been threatened to refrain from selling these materials to people.

Fearing the uprising of the Balouch people, the IRGC agents held a military maneuver in Chabahar. In Zahedan, the sister of Khodanoor Lajei, who suffered a heart attack after hearing the news of her brother’s martyrdom, died in the hospital on Tuesday, November 22. (Khodanoor was one of the protesters savagely chained to a lamp post in prison and left to die of bleeding and suffer from thirst).

Today, workers and employees of Isfahan’s Steel Company stopped working, and Morattab Automobile Factory, Saif Khodro, and Sarma Afarin Alvand also went on strike. In Qazvin’s Pars household appliances factory, workers went on strike in protest for not receiving their salary for nine months. The workers protested by burning tires in front of the factory and chanting, “Workers, shout for your rights.”

Several universities, including Tehran, Sharif Industrial, Amir Kabir, Elmo-Sanat (Science and Industry), Allameh, Science and Culture, Karaj, and Isfahan, etc., staged their sit-ins and strikes.

Today, many clerics affiliated with Ali Khamenei admitted to the failure of the clerical’s system in dealing with students’ uprising in a meeting held at Khamenei’s representative office. In this meeting, a cleric called Ghasemian, the head of the Jihadi base known as Imam Reza is quoted as saying: “Not even a single person pays attention to his excellency (Khamenei) words, and this shows that our network is not in a desirable state. For example, Khamenei’s speech a few days ago had a very strategic and decisive significance, but it was not reflected well in the zealots’ social media (Hezbollah-affiliated circles). I expected that there would be some reactions to his speech and his words would be highlighted, but this did not happen…”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

November 26, 2022